Venus in Pisces

In every birth chart, there is a Venus Sign. You could compare the role of Venus with the role of Make-up. It makes you beautiful and is a crucial part of your courtship behavior since you rely on this part of your personality to seduce – not only your lover but also society. For example, you can have a rational core personality (Sun and Moon) but at the same time a spiritual Venus like Pisces. Then you appear to be more dreamy than you feel you are on the inside.

Spiritual Pisces

Features of Venus in Pisces:

The love of Pisces is boundless. They love unconditionally and deeply. It’s almost like their kind of love has an almost self-dissolving manner since they want to completely merge with their beloved one to make the ultimate connection. Selflessly, they do everything for their partner because they believe in the one big love. Also, they tend to completely over-idealize their partners to an almost god-like figure. In love, Pisces is full of devotion, inspiration, dreams, and romance.

To him, there has to be a spiritual/psychic connection also – besides the emotional and physical one. Beauty to them lies in the ultimate connection of mind, body, and soul; creativity; harmony; art; music; poetry; spirituality and the beauty of the whole universe in general. When they encounter new people, there is something shy about them but they still always manage to fill the room with love and tenderness.