Venus in Scorpio

In every birth chart, there is a Venus Sign. You could compare the role of Venus with the role of Make-up. It makes you beautiful and is a crucial part of your courtship behavior since you rely on this part of your personality to seduce – not only your lover but also society. For example, you can have a tender, soft and trusting core personality (Sun and Moon) but at the same time have a magnetic and fierce presence like Venus in Scorpio. Then you appear to be a lot tougher than you feel you are on the inside.

Magnetic Scorpio

Features of Venus in Scorpio:

Venus in Scorpio usually has a magnetic, dark side to it. Wine red hair, dark red lips, black lace, smokey eyes and a certain gothic vibe in general, usually are indicators for a Scorpio Venus. Her dark image arises from her intense wish to dig deep to find the truth, that’s hidden beneath the cover of a smiling face. That’s because she wants to understand the darkness of others, the depths of their soul, their passions and motives. And usually, those are easily accessible to the Venus in Scorpio.

Her kind of love has a lot to do with truth-seeking beyond tabus. She uncovers the soul of her beloved one layer after layer – until he is at the Scorpio’s mercy. You can never forget a relationship with a Venus in Scorpio. That’s because it leaves behind deep marks and always has a transformative effect. Venus in Scorpio is profoundly passionate. However, since Scorpio, the Sign emerged from trauma, Scorpio carries the fight for power throughout his life. Thus, Venus in Scorpio also needs a sense of power in his relationships. If the partner is not completely devoted to him, he tends to get insanely jealous. Leonardo Dicaprio is one example of this placement.