Venus in Leo

In every birth chart, there is a Venus Sign. You could compare the role of Venus with the role of Make-up. It makes you beautiful and is a crucial part of your courtship behavior since you rely on this part of your personality to seduce – not only your lover but also society. For example, you can have a careful, sensitive and shy core personality (Sun and Moon) but at the same time a dramatic Venus like Leo. Then you appear to be much more self-confident than you feel you are on the inside.

Dramatic Leo

Features of Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo is highly dramatic since she is a performer at heart. No matter how introverted the rest of the chart may be, she will always seek a stage, as a teacher or as a musician or just as a little show star in all of her relationships. Venus in Leo tends to stage the most trivial matters theatrically. So that even a story about brushing her teeth suddenly appears intriguing. Leo doesn’t object to a little bit of passionate drama in her relationship also. As long as there is a good story to tell. She is cordial, proud, demanding, playful, charming, generous, cuddly and a little catlike. Her desire for appreciation, attention, prestige, admiration, and applause is enormous.

Furthermore, she wants to swim in luxury as well as she wants to get spoiled and ensnared. When her pride gets hurt, Venus in Leo can scratch and hiss relentlessly. Venus in Leo wants to blossom in her friendships and in her intimate relationship. She expects to be the only one for her partner. When she doesn’t get the opportunity to shine, she is like a flower that withers away slowly. Celebrities with a Venus in Leo placement are Madonna, Michael Jackson and Jennifer Lawrence, for example.