Venus in Virgo

In every birth chart, there is a Venus Sign. You could compare the role of Venus with the role of Make-up. It makes you beautiful and is a crucial part of your courtship behavior since you rely on this part of your personality to seduce – not only your lover but also society. For example, you can have an impulsive and boisterous core personality (Sun and Moon) but at the same time a shy Venus like caring Virgo. Then you appear to be much more reserved than you feel you are on the inside.

Caring Virgo

Features of Venus in Virgo:

Venus in Virgo is the Geisha amongst the Venus Signs because she is particularly caring. When the partner yawns, there’s almost immediately a cup of coffee in front of him on the table. When he is tense, he gets a Massage. That’s because Venus in Virgo simply always wants to support and help wherever she can. Thus, she shows her love rather through numerous considerate, practical gestures, than romantic cliches. In friendships, Venus in Virgo is very helpful also – always anticipating the needs of her beloved ones. It’s important to worship these small gestures for her self-confidence.

Also, Venus in Virgo puts a particular emphasis on hygiene. As well in the literal sense as in the figurative – regarding social relationships. Natural Cosmetics, Smoothies, Detox, Yoga, Meditation are trends which a typical Venus in Virgo follows strictly in her everyday life. Her health-oriented energy probably started the hypes in the first place. Venus in Virgo makes an authentic and genuine appearance in society. She is a quick-witted fellow with a sarcastic almost cynical humor and a sober/precocious charm.

Famous celebrities with a Venus in Virgo placement are Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, Sean Penn, and Cara Delevigne. What unites them is their dry-witted and slightly reserved charm.