The Ultimate Virgo Self-Care Kit

Virgo represents the part of us which always feels responsible for eradicating deficiencies in our environment and ourselves. The critical voice inside our brains can get too loud at times depending on how Virgo is aspected in our individual birth charts and on how much emphasis you put on a regular self-care routine.

If Virgo’s diligence turns into compulsive perfectionism and her farsightedness leads to paralyzing doubts, falling asleep becomes a challenge. In turn the lack of recovery results in constant physical and mental stress. In the long term severe health implications can develop.

To prevent that from happening, prioritizing the quality of sleep from early on would be a wise decision. That’s where the first part of the “Virgo Self-Care Kit” comes in.

Improve Sleep Self-Care Tool Set

  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow:

– the curve in the middle of the pillow exerts a cervical traction which disburdens the intervertebral discs so they can be supplied with nutrients during sleep and rebound to their initial state

– the auxiliary shoulder neck curves on both sides of the pillow help release muscle tensions in the shoulder neck area

– the slow rebound of memory foam helps absorb the pressure which in turn reduces the pressure on blood vessels

  • Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Support Pillow:

– the knee support pillow can significantly improve spinal alignment which in turn does not only relieve the tensions in the back, but also disburdens the hip and knee joints

  • Wake up at Sunrise Alarm Clock:

– the sunset function will guide you to a restful sleep

– the preset sleep timer function lets you fall asleep to the radio

– 7 natural sounds [piano music, wind, stream, bird singing, soft music, waves] let you revel in the sounds of nature

– finally after a restful sleep the gradually rising brightness of the wake-up light gently welcomes you into the following day

Cardio Self-Care Tool Set

The Cardio Tool Set is the second part of the “Virgo Self-Care Kit”. Half an hour of Cardio per day increases the metabolism, releases muscle tensions, improves heart and lung function and of course boosts confidence which is crucial to tone down the critical voice of Virgo inside of us.

Open Core Self-Care Tool Set

The third part of the “Virgo Self-Care Tool Set” is the “Open Core Tool Set” which is probably the most important part.

Here’s why:

Since Virgo is the most critical part of our minds we sometimes feel like a failure. Doubts about our abilities, shame about our perceived “failures” and anxieties about the future conglomerate in the midst of our core.

Physically two things can result from holding on to those emotions:

  1. Change of posture (slight hunchback because of the inner tension)
  2. Shallow breathing

In the long term not only do we develop orthopedic issues (back/shoulder/neck pain, headaches) but also the lung and heart function diminishes because there is simply not enough space for them to work at their full capacity due to the changes of posture.

Thus, it is incredibly important to open up the core, stretch the abdominal muscles, breathe through the emotions so that the respiratory muscles can relax also and finally let go of those paralyzing emotions.

Relax Muscle Tensions Tool Set

The fourth part of the “Virgo Self-Care Tool Set” is the “Relax Muscle Tool Set”.

Here’s why:

The critical voice of Virgo inside our head incessantly drives us to improve whatever we are working on. Those of us whose birth charts are dominated by Virgo thus often become workoholics. The stress often resides in the back muscles.

Moreover, persistent malpositions during work, for instance by sitting for long periods or through heavy physical work result in chronicle pain syndroms. In order of relaxing the muscles stretching through yoga sessions for example is key. Also, the massage tools help release the tensions additionally.

Increase Metabolism Self-Care Tool Set

The fifth part of the “Virgo Self-Care Tool Set” is the “Increase Metabolism Tool Set”.

Here’s why:

Pain syndroms often are the result of accumulations and hardened nodules in the connective tissue. Fascias which clothe the muscles may stick together if tensions block the flow of the lymph fluid. In the long-term they can thicken and shorten at these places which then creates an even worse posture.

  • Vacuum Suction Cupping Massager:

loosens the fascias, improves lymph flow and thus stimulates metabolism

  • Relieve Back Pain Acupressure Mat:

activates the superficial blood circulation to improve the elastic qualities of the skin 

Improve Upper Body Posture Tool Set

The sixth part of the “Virgo Self-Care Tool Set” is the “Improve Upper Body Posture Tool Set”.

Here’s why:

After having opened up the core by stretching the abdominal muscles and extending the spine in part three as well as having relaxed the strained back muscles in part four and loosened up the fascias in part five, it is crucial to build up the muscles for long-term success.

Otherwise you only alleviate the symptoms for a short period of time but without the strength of muscles there will be no sustainable result.

  • Portable Resistance Bands:

– help train back muscles but also can be used to train any other muscular group from home

  • Adjustable back posture corrector:

There are two sides to this tool. On the one hand it supports posture during a stressful day which in turn helps the lung and heart to work at their full capacity improving the oxygen saturation in our blood, increases our abilities to think on our feet, release the stress and thus prevent severe health implications like heart diseases or disc hernias for example in the long-term.

BUT this tool can NOT be a long-Term solution since it also replaces the function of the back muscles making them weaker. Thus I definitely support the temporary use of that tool if at the same time there occurs a training for the back muscles every two to three days until wearing the adjustable posture corrector simply becomes obsolete.

Also, it is a common misconception that we have to always maintain a straight posture. Much rather we have to move our back every 15 minutes. That’s because intervertebral discs need the push and pull of movement to get nutrients of the surrounding tissue since they are not supplied with blood themselves.

Improve Lower Back Posture Tool Set

The seventh part of the “Virgo Self-Care Tool Set” is the “Improve Lower Back Posture Tool Set”.

Here’s why:

When we tend to slump down not only our shoulder neck area is affected but also our lower back since the lumbar region compensates the hunchback. Building a strong core including the pelvic floor helps turn this effect around.

Also, a strong core and thus a strong posture boost confidence which actually is the key to preventing any Virgo-related health issues whatsoever.

Together the three Tools above facilitate the training of all the muscle groups which heavily influence the positioning of the lower back.

Here’s how:

  • Yoni Eggs Kegel Exerciser:

strengthens the pelvic floor including the lower abdominal muscle (called M. transversus abdominis) which in turn disburdens the the intervertebral discs in the lumbar region

  • Hip Pelvic Muscles Back Trainer:

trains not only the pelvic floor but also the Glutes which correct the position of the pelvis and the lower spine

  • Exercise Sliding Discs:

– train not only all the abdominal muscles but also the entire ventral muscle chain AND the coordination which in turn will help you feel more settled in your body and thus boost the confidence

Remove Headache Tool Set

If the simple guidelines of part one to seven are followed on a regular basis headaches won’t ever present an issue, but until then the “Remove Headache Tool Set” will help to abolish the symptoms especially after a stressful day.

  • Neck Support Cervical Traction Collar:

– exerts light traction which in turn takes off the pressure from shoulder and neck muscles

– mechanically prolongs the spinal columns supplying the intervertebral discs with nutrients

  • EMS Neck Massager:

– relieves the tension of the muscle where the headache usually originates through electrical impulses also used in physical therapy

  • Head Massager:

– takes off the pressure from the muscle which otherwise carries the pain from its place of origin in the neck area to the frontal lobe

  • Ice Roller and Ice Gel Cooling Eye Mask:

– relieve pain since the application of cold inhibits the conduction of the pain stimulus through the nervous system

Cleansing Tool Set

The ninth part of the “Virgo Self-Care Tool Set” is the “Cleansing Tool Set”.

Here’s why:

Virgo is the part of us which puts particular emphasis on hygiene. A cleansing ritual helps not only maintain a “perfect” outer appearance. It also assists a “soul” purification in a way since for critical Virgo a thorough cleanse is like washing away her “flaws”. Thus, Cleansing sets the mood for a restful evening and a good-night sleep after a stressful “Virgo-typical” day.

  • Self-Care Tool 1: Fumigation therapy

– the inhaled warm droplets from the vapor work expectorant which clears the lungs

– the heat widens the pores and makes us sweat out the impurities

  • Self-Care Tool 2: Vacuum Suction Facial Pores Cleaner:

removes blackheads, improves blood circulation and reduces wrinkles since it stimulates the production of collagen

Increase Mindfulness Tool

Self-Care begins with an optimistic mindset. Thus, in order of toning down Virgo’s nagging voice inside your brain it’s important to redirect your thoughts to five things on a daily basis by writing a diary:

  1. What did I achieve so far which I am proud of
  2. Things I am thankful for
  3. What do I look forward to on any particular day
  4. Things I feel good about
  5. What are my own needs to prioritize before everyone else’s

Also writing a diary will help you to plan ahead and organize the thoughts you have twirling in your head. Eventually you’ll be able to externalize the chaos and finally be able to relax with a blank mind.

Me, as a Virgo dominant I like to organize my mind by using all the Zodiac Sign Diaries depending on what part of my life they dominate. Aries for my fitness, Taurus for money, Gemini for studies, Cancer for feelings, Leo for self-assurance, Virgo for my day-to-day To-Do-Lists, Libra for my relationships, Scorpio for my principals, Sagittarius For my adventures, Capricorn for my long-term goals, Aquarius for my entrepreneurial ideas and Pisces for my dreams.

Relax Tool Set

Finally, after a stressful day the body and the mind deserves a treat with a hot bath, a glass of wine, a good book and a relaxing foot massage.

If you want to read more about Virgo-related Self-Care, you can read it in this article: Self-Care Virgo and Happiness Virgo.

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