Sun in Pisces

Our Sun Sign is basically the executive organ of our character. Thus, when the Moon Sign is our soul which catalyzes our instinctive reactions, the Sun Sign implements the action. It represents our basic vitality. You can compare the Sun Sign with the body that takes action, covers our soul (Moon) inside and is visible for society. Still, each Sun Sign adapts to its core foundation (Moon). For example, when the Moon is in Capricorn, it will be a particularly tough Sun in Pisces. This person will be someone who is sensitive and soft but won’t let it show ever.

Also, the Sun Sign gets dressed by the Rising Sign which is the coat to conceal our core personality as our mask. Moreover, the Venus Sign complements the Sun Sign as Make-up – making us beautiful. Mars accompanies our Sun Sign – our own personal weapon always at hand.

Soft Pisces - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

The values of Pisces are far from the materialistic values of the society we live in. Those values are the values of all-encompassing love and mercy. That’s why Pisces encounters his environment with consideration and respect. Some Pisces are able to justify the most despicable actions and still manage to feel compassion with the perpetrator. That’s because a Pisces sun is tender-hearted, indulgent, mellow, sweet-tempered and soft. There is no limit to the amount of empathy which results in a sparkling emotional life.  At times that might confuse a Pisces. That’s because he cannot rationally backtrace where all of these feelings are coming from. Mostly since not all of what he feels are actually his own feelings.

Sometimes you might feel paralyzed as a Pisces sun, because of your limitless empathy. Then you tend to sleep long and maybe can’t get your arse in gear. To criticize that would be a huge error since you have to process 20 times more than anyone else. The beautiful side of this rich emotional life is the creativity which comes with it. Therefore there are a lot of Pisces contributing groundbreaking creations to the artistic world.