Sun in Scorpio

Our Sun Sign is basically the executive organ of our character. Thus, when the Moon Sign is our soul which catalyzes our instinctive reactions, the Sun Sign implements the action. It represents our basic vitality. You can compare the Sun Sign with the body that takes action, covers our soul (Moon) inside and is visible for society. Still, each Sun Sign adapts to its core foundation (Moon). For example, when the Moon is in Pisces, it might be a Scorpio who is less intense and passionate but rather indulgent. Sometimes this Scorpio might even like to procrastinate and have problems focussing. Still, you won’t see much of Pisces at the first look because he will still have the sceptic appearance of the Scorpio.

Also, the Sun Sign gets dressed by the Rising Sign which is the coat to conceal our core personality as our mask. Moreover, the Venus Sign complements the Sun Sign as Make-up – making us beautiful. Mars accompanies our Sun Sign – our own personal weapon always at hand.

Intense Scorpio - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

As a Scorpio sun, you have the survivor’s energy. That means that you can pool your resources, and forces sheer inexhaustibly. By doing so you can focus all of your energy on what you want to achieve. You have the purest, clearest and most concentrated energy of the zodiac since you are driven by sheer passion. It appears as though you always seek a sense of control and power. Every challenge you handle with an enormous intensity as though you are struggling for your life. In relationships, you can get insanely jealous haunted by the fear of loss.

When a Scorpio enters a room everyone feels his presence immediately since he is the incarnation of presence. He speaks in a clear voice, has a piercing look in his eyes and intense, magnetic charisma. He enters the room with invasive, and fierce energy, a strong posture and a high attention span. Inside the room, he seeks out opportunities of dominance on an instinctive base. Quickly afterward he is dominating the whole room since Scorpio will never go down.