Sun in Leo

Our Sun Sign is basically the executive organ of our character. Thus, when the Moon Sign is our soul which catalyzes our instinctive reactions, the Sun Sign implements the action. It represents our basic vitality. You can compare the Sun Sign with the body that takes action, covers our soul (Moon) inside and is visible for society. Still, each sun sign adapts to its core foundation (Moon). For example, when the Moon is in Pisces, it will be a particularly shy Sun in Leo. This person will be someone who will be cordial but won’t demand the spotlight.

Also, the Sun Sign gets dressed by the Rising Sign which is the coat to conceal our core personality as our mask. Moreover, the Venus Sign complements the Sun Sign as Make-up – making us beautiful. Mars accompanies our Sun Sign – our own personal weapon always at hand.

Cordial Leo sun - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

As a Leo, you have a natural authority that you radiate in every life situation. You appear proud and dignified. When you enter a room you enter with a majestic posture: self-confident and balanced. You settle conveniently in the middle of the room. After a short period of time, a whole bunch of people bustles around you. As the flowers grow towards the sun, people tend to move towards you. Full of self-expression you dominate conversations naturally, always with a slightly theatrical charm. You are great-hearted, cordial, generous and free of worry – that’s why you spend with both hands. 

However, you will rarely have little money since your aspiration for possessing and self-realization is strong. Furthermore, you have organizational skills, courage, creativity, and optimism. Also, you can give orders like a true king but you are not willing to subordinate to someone else yourself. As a result, you usually are self-employed or the chief of a company. Celebrities (singers, performers, actors and so on) often have a significant influence of Leo in their chart.