Sun in Aquarius

Our Sun Sign is basically the executive organ of our character. Thus, when the Moon Sign is our soul which catalyzes our instinctive reactions, the Sun Sign implements the action. It represents our basic vitality. You can compare the Sun Sign with the body that takes action, covers our soul (Moon) inside and is visible for society. Still, each Sun Sign adapts to its core foundation (Moon). For example, when the Moon is in Cancer, it will be a particularly committed Sun in Aquarius. This person will be a clown on the outside with rather traditional values on the inside.

Also, the Sun Sign gets dressed by the Rising Sign which is the coat to conceal our core personality as our mask. Moreover, the Venus Sign complements the Sun Sign as Make-up – making us beautiful. Mars accompanies our Sun Sign – our own personal weapon always at hand.

Clown Aquarius - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac. He is open to the world and all of the opportunities it presents. Aquarius is free of prejudice and utterly tolerant since he himself is extraordinary and eccentric. With his reform-oriented way to think, he emancipates from the norms of society. Aquarius loves freedom and independence. He resists the pressure toward conformity, doesn’t follow conventions of society and underlines his individuality. Also, he rebels against old conventions and reforms society by seducing it with his intellect. His mind is wide awake and vivid – always out to invent or discover something new and unusual.

As eccentric and unique as he might be, he also has a distinctive sense for fair play in group dynamics. Also, he loves intragroup activities. Aquarius is friendly, cooperative and a humanist through and through. Though he has a moral mindset and lives a principled life, that doesn’t mean, he lives a law-abiding life. His genuine, original and progressive nature provides him with a lot of charisma. Also, his entertaining, clown-like and captivating temper makes him a welcome guest.