Sun in Cancer

Our Sun Sign is basically the executive organ of our character. Thus, when the Moon Sign is our soul which catalyzes our instinctive reactions, the Sun Sign implements the action. It represents our basic vitality. You can compare the Sun Sign with the body that takes action, covers our soul (Moon) inside and is visible for society. Still, each Sun Sign adapts to its core foundation (Moon). For example, when the Moon is in Gemini, it will be a particularly uncommitted Sun in Cancer. This person will be someone who won’t be as shy and careful as a typical Cancer but rather convivial, and communicative.

Also, the Sun Sign gets dressed by the Rising Sign which is the coat to conceal our core personality as our mask. Moreover, the Venus Sign complements the Sun Sign as Make-up – making us beautiful. Mars accompanies our Sun Sign – our own personal weapon always at hand.

Careful Cancer sun - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

The vitality of Cancer depends on his emotional state. That’s because the sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, the “planet” of the soul. Because Cancer is thin-skinned and highly sensitive he tends to be careful around new people. Also, all the impressions overstimulate him quickly. Therefore he needs to have possibilities to withdraw from the noise of society. At times he needs to hide under his shell and recharge his batteries amongst his dearest friends. Otherwise, he gets very emotional and overcompensates his oversensitivity with a hard shell.

In that case, he can be extraordinarily hurtful since he knows exactly where it hurts most. That’s because Cancer has deep insight into the emotional life of everyone surrounding him. No matter how hurtful a Cancer might behave he actually is tender and kind. The amount of security and comfort he seeks amongst his fellows, he can convey just as well himself to others. But first, he has to feel socially accepted. When it comes to close friendships and intimate relationships he is affectionate, cuddly, soft, committed and sometimes even clingy. His desire for a long-lasting emotional commitment is huge since Cancer wants to nourish and cherish. The partner should be someone who can convey a sense of security, who is reliable and committed.