Self-care Pisces

How we take care of ourselves later in life, is distinguished by the way we grow up. However, each Moon Sign evokes different conduct from his peers by communicating his needs non-verbally. Depending on how the needs were met during childhood, each sign develops either constructively or destructively. To develop a healthy way of self-care, you first have to distinguish where your anxieties and survival techniques come from – so you can overcome them. Thus, you have to take a look at your childhood by reading the following article. However, there might be aspects in your birth chart that indicate your Sun Sign played a bigger role during your childhood. Then, you simply can read the self-care article of your Sun Sign. If you are a mother to a vulnerable Pisces child, you can read all about the needs of your child in the following.

Basic needs of every human being:

  1. commitment 
  2. a sense of emotional security and comfort 
  3. autonomy 
  4. control 
  5. orientation 
  6. appreciation 
  7. pleasure gain
  8. avoidance of displeasure

What does the Pisces Moon child evoke?

Vulnerable Pisces - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Pisces doesn’t evoke any need since he is a natural giver – always trying to comfort everyone around him. That’s because Pisces feels the pain of everyone around him as though it is his own. Thus, making everyone happy with his caring and gentle nature is a way to avoid displeasure because then, he doesn’t have to feel the pain of the others. However, since the energies of every person surrounding him are so present, his own presence and self-identity go under. Therefore, knowing his own needs and protecting them, is a huge challenge for Pisces. To keep himself alive, he needs an utterly safe room to escape to – especially as a child.

How does the Pisces Moon Child educate his mother?

Pisces is an easy-care child – always smiling, never claiming anything and also, never causing any kind of discomfort. Thus, a Pisces child is usually shown off by his parents as the perfect child. Then, the mother usually doesn’t feel she has to do anything at all and simply lets her child run free – making everyone happy like a little angel. Moreover, she learns to lean on her child for emotional support. That’s because Pisces loves to comfort as a child. As a result, there is often a parentification case with a Pisces Moon, because the mother begins treating her child like a therapist instead of a child.

Negligence of the needs: 

Commitment, Emotional security, and Comfort

Because Pisces is the most vulnerable Zodiac Sign, he needs commitment, emotional security, and comfort before all. However, since he is usually the one who protects and comforts everyone else, these needs aren’t met as often, unfortunately. Then he feels utterly unprotected later in his life and tries to escape from everyone or hides behind a fortress of fat to keep himself alive inside his skin.

Negligence of the needs: 


A Pisces Moon child usually is appreciated a LOT because of his gentle, nurturing and never unpleasant nature that makes everyone happy. However, being appreciated for making everyone else happy, teaches Pisces to put everyone else’s needs before his own. Then, a Pisces Moon doesn’t learn at all to take care of himself because there simply is no self he can feel. Usually, Pisces loses his nerves when puberty hits, because he then feels utterly disoriented since his self-identity has not been nurtured before.

Negligence of the needs: 

Autonomy, and Control

When parents are strict (or even abusive) or apply tight schedules, the Pisces Moon child feels overpowered. Whatever hurts vulnerable Pisces as a child, leads to a sense of helplessness. Then, Pisces overcompensates to protect his vulnerable soul through different strategies.

Survival strategies:

  1. Escapism 
  2. Not allowing intimacy whatsoever
  3. Age Regression 
  4. Drug abuse 
  5. Overeating

Self-care techniques:

If you want to know more about how to care about yourself as a Pisces Moon, you can then read it in the article Happiness Pisces.