Self-care Virgo

How we take care of ourselves later in life, is distinguished by the way we grow up. However, each Moon Sign evokes different conduct from his peers by communicating his needs non-verbally. In the case of Virgo the most significant need, for example, is security. Depending on how the needs were met during childhood, each sign develops either constructively or destructively. To develop a healthy way of self-care, you first have to distinguish where your anxieties and survival techniques come from – so you can overcome them. Thus, you have to take a look at your childhood by reading the following article.

However, there might be aspects in your birth chart that indicate your Sun Sign played a bigger role during your childhood. Then, you simply can read the self-care article of your Sun Sign. If you are a mother to a Virgo child, you can read all about the needs of your child in the following.

Basic needs of every human being:

  1. commitment 
  2. a sense of emotional security and comfort
  3. autonomy 
  4. control 
  5. orientation
  6. appreciation
  7. pleasure gain 
  8. avoidance of displeasure

What does the Virgo Moon child evoke?

Security-striving Virgo - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Virgo is a humble, attentive, adaptable and also careful child. Thus, she doesn’t evoke any need actively at all. Still, her basic needs: autonomy, control, and orientation usually are fulfilled – simply because Virgo adapts to the claims of her environment and therefore earns trust. Thus, there is a lot of responsibility transferred to her from an early age. 

However, her development really depends on the character of the parents in her case, because a Virgo child never demands. So, Virgo develops best if the basics needs for commitment, emotional security, autonomy, control, pleasure gain, and appreciation are fulfilled even without her evoking the fulfillment of those needs. 

How does the Virgo Moon Child educate his mother?

Since Virgo tends to adapt to her parent’s needs, they learn to rely on her. Also, they become more critical with time since Virgo accomplishes tasks perfectly – raising their expectations constantly. 

Negligence of the needs:


Because of Virgo’s adaptability, her parents often also learn to neglect her and put themselves in the center of attention, instead. Then, they begin to expect more from her since they quickly get used to their child fulfilling their needs. In the course of her childhood, Virgo then develops a distinct sense of guilt because of the high expectations. At first, she usually gets a lot of appreciation for her role model behavior. Later on, however, she usually gets appreciated less and less since everyone simply expects her to fulfill their high expectations. Thus, she strives for perfection and flawlessness to be appreciated again – instead of being taken for granted. She takes over the high expectations of the others and becomes more and more critical with herself, but also her environment. 

Negligence of the needs: 

Commitment, Emotional security, and Comfort

Because Virgo is rather sober and intellectual even as a child, she doesn’t evoke much emotional closeness. Thus, she usually grows up emotionally insecure. Also, she doesn’t claim much attention as a humble child and therefore, the emotions of her parents are much more in the center of attention. That’s why Virgo learns from an early age to control and repress her emotional life. 

Negligence of the needs: 

Autonomy, and Control

When parents are strict (or even abusive), the Virgo Moon child feels helpless. Then, Virgo overcompensates to regain power through different strategies.

Survival strategies:

  1. obsessive-compulsive disorder to regain control and security
  2. relentless perfectionism to feel appreciated again
  3. self-punishment to restore her messed up reward system 
  4. anorexia 

Self-care techniques:

If you want to know more about how to care about yourself as a Virgo Moon, you can then read it in the article Happiness Virgo.