Self-care Cancer

How we take care of ourselves later in life, is distinguished by the way we grow up. However, each Moon Sign evokes different conduct from his peers by communicating his needs non-verbally. In the case of Cancer the most significant need, for example, is commitment. Depending on how the needs were met during childhood, each sign develops either constructively or destructively. To develop a healthy way of self-care, you first have to distinguish where your anxieties and survival techniques come from – so you can overcome them. Thus, you have to take a look at your childhood by reading the following article.

However, there might be aspects in your birth chart that indicate your Sun Sign played a bigger role during your childhood. Then, you simply can read the self-care article of your Sun Sign. If you are a mother to a Cancer child, you can read all about the needs of your child in the following.

Basic needs of every human being:

  1. commitment (needs which the Cancer Moon evokes)
  2. a sense of emotional security and comfort (needs which the Cancer Moon evokes)
  3. autonomy (needs which the Cancer Moon Child doesn’t evoke)
  4. control 
  5. orientation (needs which the Cancer Moon child evokes)
  6. appreciation 
  7. pleasure gain (needs which the Cancer Moon evokes as a child)
  8. avoidance of displeasure

What does the Cancer Moon child evoke?

Commitment-striving Cancer - drawn by Nastja Stefanyuk

Cancer is a highly sensitive and thus shy child with a huge desire to be loved and protected. Thus, Cancer, first and foremost, evokes his need for emotional security, comfort, commitment, but also orientation. If these needs are fulfilled, then Cancer learns to use his energy in a nurturing way.

How does the Cancer Moon Child educate his mother?

A Cancer child quickly teaches his mother to be more caring, loving, sensitive and nurturing. That’s because a Cancer Moon Child is quickly overwhelmed by all of the stimuli and then seeks protection and withdrawal. Thus, the parents of a Cancer Moon child usually build a deep emotional bond. 

Negligence of the needs: 

Commitment, Emotional security, and Comfort

When parents are strict (or even abusive), apply tight schedules and have emotional boundaries, the Cancer Moon child feels overwhelmed, unloved and unprotected. Then a Cancer Moon child builds up a hard shell and since it seems impossible to Cancer to let go of that hurt, he rather withdraws from contact whatsoever. Feeling the constant hurt, he victimizes himself during his adult life – not being able to face new challenges, seeking boundless love in relationships (which usually is impossible for the partner to fulfill), or even starts abusing drugs to escape from the hurt. Also, overeating seems to be a way to numb his emotions down. 

Negligence of the needs: 

Autonomy, and Control

If Cancer’s need for emotional security is fulfilled at the expense of autonomy, he then wraps up inside the safety cocoon. Then he is unwilling to leave the nest since he feels that he’s not strong enough to face the harsh reality. What’s even worse is the application of strictness, because then Cancer doesn’t learn to feel protected. As a result, he doesn’t develop trust and in turn, rejects everything new and foreign – always feeling unsafe. 

Survival strategies:

  1. victimizing himself
  2. overeating so that he feels less
  3. withdrawing so that he can protect himself
  4. addiction to relationships so that he can compensate for the lack of love
  5. drug abuse so that he can escape his feelings
  6. building up a hard shell as protection

Self-care techniques:

If you want to know more about how to take care of your Cancer Moon, you can read it in the article Happiness Cancer.