Self-care Taurus

How we take care of ourselves later in life, is distinguished by the way we grow up. However, each Moon Sign evokes different conduct from his peers by communicating his needs non-verbally. In the case of Taurus, the most significant need is to receive sufficient emotional comfort. Depending on how the needs were met during childhood, each sign develops either constructively or destructively. To develop a healthy way of self-care, you first have to distinguish where your anxieties and survival techniques come from – so you can overcome them. Thus, you have to take a look at your childhood by reading the following article.

However, there might be aspects in your birth chart that indicate your Sun Sign played a bigger role during your childhood. Then, you simply can read the self-care article of your Sun Sign. If you are a mother to a Taurus child, you can read all about the needs of your child in the following.

Basic needs of every human being:

  1. commitment (needs which the Taurus Moon evokes)
  2. a sense of emotional security and comfort (needs which the Taurus Moon evokes)
  3. autonomy 
  4. control 
  5. orientation
  6. appreciation
  7. pleasure gain (needs which the Taurus Moon evokes as a child)
  8. avoidance of displeasure (needs which the Taurus child evokes as a child)

What does the Taurus Moon child evoke?

Comfort-loving Taurus - drawn by Nastja Stefanyuk

Taurus is a comfortable child because his energy is steady rather than wild. Instead of playing wildly – encountering his physical limits and challenging his mental abilities, he rather withdraws in the comfort of a seating arrangement. Thus, Taurus usually needs more time to develop since he experiments less as a child. If Taurus feels behind and is pressured to develop at a faster pace, he then fixates on whatever makes him feel secure. Then, he starts rejecting everything that’s new and develops an unshatterable stubbornness to keep himself safe inside of his mental borders.

Because of these insecurities, Taurus, first and foremost, evokes his need for emotional security, but also his needs to gain more pleasure and to avoid displeasure. That’s because Taurus is the most sensual Sign, who is open to any haptic, culinary, auditory and olfactory delights. Hence, the satisfaction of his senses is the priority to him. Because of his sensuality, he tends to be content as long as his sensual desires are met. Thus, a mother can quickly make her child happy by giving him food. At least that would explain why so many Taurus Moon children tend to be chubby. 

If Taurus is given physical and emotional closeness as well as the time he needs to develop without being pressured to keep the pace of the other children, he usually develops the most stable emotional life of the Zodiac Signs. Since he can exploit the fountain of security he received in his childhood, he also learns to be autonomous in his adult life. 

How does the Taurus Moon Child educate his mother?

A Taurus child quickly teaches his mother to be more consistent, affectionate and caring. Since he is calm himself, he also makes his mother become more patient. Also, Taurus’ mother knows, she can trust her child since Taurus usually has no interest in rebelling or experimenting, because he is simply too lazy. Consequently, the need for control is usually fulfilled also. Because of the trust and emotional closeness, the Taurus Moon child usually has a close relationship with his mother throughout his life. 

Negligence of the needs: 

Autonomy, and Control

If Taurus’ need for emotional security and comfort is fulfilled at the expense of autonomy, Taurus might be too wrapped up in his cocoon – unwilling to conquer the world on his own. 

Negligence of the needs: 

Commitment, Emotional security, and Comfort

If Taurus’ need for commitment and comfort is neglected, because the parents are strict or even abusive, Taurus feels insecure. As a compensation technique, he then holds onto narrow-minded values, opinions and builds up mental as well as emotional borders. 

Negligence of the needs:

pleasure gain and avoidance of displeasure 

It’s tricky to find a balance as a parent when it comes to Taurus’ need to gain more pleasure. That’s because the parents of a Taurus’ child quickly understand, that food can make Taurus happy. Thus, they tend to use food as a reward, which can result in unhealthy weight gain. Also, this manner of behavior deceives his reward system. Then, he might learn to overcome emotional distress by overeating for example, which can endanger his health later on. Also, he then becomes particularly lazy since he learns to get what he wants easily – without having to work for it first. However, our reward system has to be triggered first by straining activities. So if there is a lack of effort, our reward system doesn’t work properly, which might then lead right into depression.  

Survival strategies:

  1. Stubbornness 
  2. Fixation
  3. Rejection of everything that’s foreign and new
  4. fixed mental borders 
  5. Addiction to claim more material goods (messy) 
  6. overeating

Self-care techniques:

If you want to know more about how to care for yourself as a Taurus Moon, you can read it in the article Taurus Happiness. If you want to know even more about Taurus, you can find more information in this article: All about Taurus.