Self-care Capricorn

How we take care of ourselves later in life, is distinguished by the way we grow up. However, each Moon Sign evokes different conduct from his peers by communicating his needs non-verbally. Depending on how the needs were met during childhood, each sign develops either constructively or destructively. To develop a healthy way of self-care, you first have to distinguish where your anxieties and survival techniques come from – so you can overcome them. Thus, you have to take a look at your childhood by reading the following article. However, there might be aspects in your birth chart that indicate your Sun Sign played a bigger role during your childhood. Then, you simply can read the self-care article of your Sun Sign. If you are a mother to an ambitious Capricorn child, you can read all about the needs of your child in the following.

Basic needs of every human being:

  1. commitment (needs which the Capricorn Moon evokes)
  2. a sense of emotional security and comfort (needs which the Capricorn Moon doesn’t evoke)
  3. autonomy (needs which the Capricorn Moon evokes)
  4. control (needs which the Capricorn Moon evokes)
  5. orientation (needs which the Capricorn Moon evokes)
  6. appreciation (needs which the Capricorn child evokes)
  7. pleasure gain
  8. avoidance of displeasure

What does the Capricorn Moon child evoke?

Ambitious Capricorn - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Ambitious Capricorn is actually never really a child because he behaves like an adult from an early age. Thus, he earns a lot of trust from his parents which builds the trust in his own abilities. At the same time, he also takes on many responsibilities and accomplishes every given task flawlessly which raises the expectations of his environment. Since he never fails to claim appreciation, though, he usually gets rewarded with praise. Therefore, he learns high implementation skills since his reward system works flawlessly. 

How does the Capricorn Moon Child educate his mother?

A Capricorn child quickly teaches his mother to be more consistent, because he always knows what’s going on. Therefore, he always reminds his mother where he has to be when and what for. In a way, his mother then doesn’t actually get an opportunity to be negligent. 

Negligence of the needs: 

Emotional security, and Comfort

If Capricorn’s need for autonomy, and control is fulfilled at the expense of emotional security and comfort, Capricorn then, finds security in his categorical mindset and in dogmatic values. He also becomes extremely stubborn, and overly ambitious. As a result, he can become an utterly dangerous force. Unfortunately, there is often an emotional distance between Capricorn and his parents because his rather sober nature doesn’t evoke emotional security whatsoever. 

Negligence of the needs: 

Autonomy, and Control

When parents are strict (or even abusive), the Capricorn Moon child feels overpowered. That’s because whatever endangers Capricorn’s sense of control as a child leads to a sense of helplessness. Then, Capricorn overcompensates to regain power through different strategies.

Survival strategies:

  1. Imperiousness so he can maintain a position of power
  2. Categorical mindset so he can feel secure inside his mental borders
  3. Severity

Self-care techniques:

If you want to know more about how to take care of your Capricorn Moon, you then can read all about it in the article Happiness Capricorn.