Sagittarius – Guide to Happiness

Dreamer Sagittarius

If you have a Sagittarius Moon, you are probably filled with an endless desire. Maybe you constantly feel restless – dreaming one big dream after the other. That’s because you carry the legacy of the Dreamer who developed after Scorpio – the Survivor of the Zodiac. Sagittarius realized he had survived the flood, but there was nothing left from the world he knew before. His dreams, desires, and adventurous spirit were key to persevere the darkness.

If you’re stuck in life – without any adventures during the day, you will probably lose your mind. As the Dreamer of the Zodiac – always wandering off to new experiences, encounters, and adventures, you are not one to be trapped in a routine. Stagnation and immobility – physically, mentally and emotionally are toxic to you. Even though you might have a tight schedule, that doesn’t leave much room for Sagittarius – MAKE some space. Let your dreams take charge!

Tips for a Morning routine
  1. embracing breakfast in quiet
  2. listening to relaxing music while eating (in order to digest properly, you need to be relaxed – since the part of your nervous system responsible for digestion only works when you are at peace)

Side note:

Low carb diets don’t make a lot of sense for you. You need your energy since, in order of living your Sagittarius to the fullest, you need to burn it and you burn it quickly. Smoothies also don’t make a lot of sense in your case. Even though you can generate more energy by drinking your food, it makes your digestive system lazy.

Work (if you have a chance to choose your working place)
  • choose a working environment, where there is action, engagement, intensity, and fight
  • > like in social work, human rights, law, activism, politics
  • or choose a working environment, where you can be the light (comedian, pop star, musical star)
  • find a project, where you feel free in making your own decisions

Side note:

Although the Moon is your basic foundation, in Astrology it is the MC (Midheaven), which leads our path when it comes to our careers. Still, the Moon should not be neglected in the decision. Because if you neglect your Moon, you might feel utterly unbalanced.

After Work or school routine

Have a physically challenging hobby to power yourself out

  • parkour
  • tennis 
  • climbing 
  • skiing
  • surfing 
  • horse riding
  • swimming

Get your daily portion of culture, literature, philosophy, and adventure

  • by visiting concerts
  • poetry slams
  • dancing

Why do you need to challenge yourself mentally and physically?

You carry the legacy of the Dreamer who was born right into a destructed world – without a light to lead the way. Thus, your dreams became a light to follow and your bottomless desire became the drive to seek more light – relentlessly. Despite your living situation, your wishful nature, to reach more justice and experience everything more intensely, doesn’t change. Instead, this desireful energy keeps on burning and erupting like an active volcano inside your chest. Consequently, if there is no outlet for this Dreamer energy (physically and socially), you might turn this enthusiastic energy into sheer aggression. Also, you might feel constantly disappointed because you will keep imagining the grass greener and the lights brighter.

Consequently, if you don’t use your Dreamer energy and don’t provide for your Sagittarius, you will feel unsettled. So in order of providing for your Sagittarius, you first need to understand, that you are the eternal light bringer. However, as a light bringer, your starting grid is the darkness. Thus, you can use your energy best, when you bring your light to a place of darkness – like Oprah or Amal Clooney.

However, you should never forget…

…one basic mantra when being in the darkness: “This too shall pass!” Since there is a limitless intensity to your emotional life, and you only ever live in the present, you can lose yourself in a negative thought or feeling. Thus, you should NEVER forget, that you can be equally happy the next moment, if you just overcome the darkness.

There will be a significant change in your emotional state if you integrate your fighter’s spirit in your daily life. Then life and the whole world will be able to live up to your high expectations. Also, your restlessness will transform into pure joy and excitement for your life making you eager to start every following day and dive into your adventurous life. The world needs your energy because there are numerous places where your euphoric spirit is appreciated!

Before sleep routine
  • Post-isometric relaxation, Yoga, and meditation
  • No distractions whatsoever (because your body has to know when it is safe to rest)

Why does your body have to know when it’s safe to rest?

Because Sagittarius is the Fire Sign which was born into a shattered world – without a home to protect him from the dangerous world outside. Thus, Sagittarians are quickly on the alert. Then sleep and thus regeneration of the body and mind is out of reach.

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