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9 reviews for Electric Foot Massager

  1. Roderick Roth

    This massager is what I needed. I am working 12 hours shift and my job requires constantly walking and moving and lifting and my body is sore by the time I get home. Good thing I found this massager it’s not expensive but it’s effective. I have been using this since the day it was delivered on my doorstep. I tried this on my feet, back and head. The heat element is a plus factor since it’s winter time. This machine really helped me feel better.
    I’m sure this will be part of my routine to use it daily.

  2. Eleri Barnes

    It is a surprise to receive the goods. This massager is very practical and can be used for foot massage. It can also be placed on the back or on the calf. You can massage while watching TV. In addition, he has the function of heating to make your body feel more comfortable, light and practical, and can be carried on a business trip. The family can use it.

  3. Iside Casaletto

    i have a sprained foot muscle and i can put this under my desk at work it is not loud and has heat if you want it and not too hot but definately warm enough to feel good.. between that and icing it my foot is finally starting to heal and i have only used this 1 day.. going on the 2nd. The Balls roll around on your feet like a genuine massage vs. a vibrate and very cozy. It has good foot room to move feet in different directions to get different parts of the feet for men and women. And for the price!! OMG . I will buy this for another family member soon that is on their feet all day. I highly recommend you will love it. I have took off top part where you put your feet and put it on my calves .. OMG.. this is great for sore or tired legs too. i am very pleased. thank y

  4. Alfonso Villapol

    I bought this for my mother for Christmas. She’s a diabetic and I had noticed recently her feet were showing signs they weren’t circulating blood as well. So I bought her this to use when she’s at her desk. I had read that massage can really help with flood flow.

  5. Craig Piro

  6. Ellie Julius

    This is an extremely soft product. Its comfortable on the skin inside and out, and works amazingly.
    The remote lenght is perfect. The wire for it is extremely durable. And the buttons click easily (which is surprisingly hard to come by with this stuff)

    The heating part is amazing and its very clear to see when its one (pictures) and the massageing part is gentle, but the balls are sturdy enough to handle more pressure!

  7. Sarina Santos

    This is a great product! I love how versatile it is! It keeps my cold feet warm and the massages feel wonderful!
    If I could change one feature, I would change the length of time on the automatic shut off. The manual says 15 min auto shut off, but it’s more like 10 min before it automatically turns off. I would rather it shut off after an hour or two. (At least the heat option, my feet are always cold and this product gives the perfect amount of heat to keep them warm)

  8. Adella Tarry

    I got this for my mother for Valentine’s Day. She is happy with it. She keeps it under her desk in her office at home. I called and asked how she like the valentine’s present I gave her. She said she loved it! It’s easy to use, after reading the instructions, she just went ahead and tried it. She thinks it does help relax and relief some of her foot pain from walking around and doing house cores. She also recommended it to her neighbor after she came over to her house and tried it.

  9. Jaqueline Phipps

    Love this. I have had sore feet for so long. Planter’s foot. This helps loosen my feet up. And the heat control on it is just an extra plus. So relaxing at the end of a long day!.

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