12 Chinese Zodiac Signs Scarf

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The colorful scarf is patterned with the 12 Zodiac Signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

What are the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs?

Jupiter orbits the Sun in the course of almost 12 years and stays in each of the Signs for about one Year. In Chinese Astrology it is the most worshipped planet because Jupiter is the planet which represents luck and optimism. It brings an expansive lightness and an energy which uplifts us. Thus, Jupiter expands our possibilities in life. Depending on the position of Jupiter to the Sun, Jupiter enriches different parts of our lives with this energy.

That’s why each Zodiac Sign in Chinese Astrology incorporates different qualities.

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2-4 weeks


130cm x 130cm


Twill Silk


Red, Blue, Orange


Hand Wash, Air Dry


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