Compatibility – Pisces Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to a partnership, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Aries Moon

Partnership Pisces and Aries

These two are the least similar amongst the Zodiac Signs. Aries is the Sign which symbolizes the beginning, whereas Pisces is the Sign which symbolizes the end. It is unlikely for outgoing, athletic, wild and direct Aries to understand why Pisces has to escape from everything which in turn energizes Aries. Both Signs can easily get bored with each other. Pisces with the shimmering, complex emotional life and an inspired mind, can feel as though he crushes against a wall when communicating with primal and crude Aries. In turn, energetic, dynamic and courageous Aries can feel dragged down and confused in a way by the escapist Pisces – unless the Aries Moon has a Pisces or Cancer Sun. Pisces can not give Aries the action, which fiery Aries requires to lead his adventurous life.

On the other hand, these two can also be profoundly fascinated by each other. They can learn a lot also. Since Aries is the Sign of the “self”, Aries can support the Pisces in finding and defining a “self” and since Pisces is the sign of selflessness, Pisces can make Aries less egotistical. Still, it won’t be easy for these two Signs to give each other what they need. If there aren’t other clear connections in the birth charts, it is a very unlikely pairing.

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Taurus Moon

Partnership Pisces and Taurus

This is a connection made in Heaven. Though indecisive, and dreamy Pisces might frustrate practical and realistic Taurus once in a while, these tempers go perfectly together. That’s because  Pisces has an indulgent, soft and devoted nature, which adjusts perfectly to the stable, stubborn and inflexible Taurus. Also, Pisces knows how to spoil and pamper the Taurus Moon – making him a paradise on Earth. Taurus, in turn, gives the Pisces Moon a sense of self, since his own identity is so clearly outlined.

Taurus’ steady nature is like the fertile ground, whereas Pisces is the Water, which nurtures the soil. Still, this connection might be a rather lazy one, since Taurus has a comfortable nature and Pisces quickly adjusts to the pace of his companions – especially when the pace is slow. 

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Gemini Moon

Partnership Pisces and Gemini

These two have similarly diffuse energy and similarly diffuse perceptions of self-identity. Together those Signs might lack direction since both Signs are indecisive and adaptable. However, they do understand each other energetically, even though their ways to feel differ distinctly from each other.

Gemini could be a little too insensitive for Pisces, whereas the deep emotionality of Pisces can be completely overwhelming for intellectual Gemini. Usually, a Gemini Moon doesn’t feel comfortable when it comes to deep emotions. Pisces, on the other hand, can’t help but feel them constantly. Thus, this combination can be challenging for both Signs, since they don’t fulfill each other’s needs.

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Cancer Moon

Partnership Pisces and Cancer

This is a symbiotic fusion of two similar energies. Both are highly sensitive Signs. Thus, they have a tender, loving and caring conduct with each other anticipating each other’s every need and emotion. The emotional energy of Cancer is comparable to a calm, soothing lake, whereas the emotional energy of Pisces is comparable to one Water Molecule – that’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. In this combination of energies, Pisces dissolves into the lake of Cancer, on the one hand, but at the same time holds the Piscean energy together and transforms it into a conglomerated being in his nurturing lake. Also, Pisces can see himself in this relationship, because Cancer mirrors and respects his needs. 

Their devotion to each other is boundless. They have their own soothing universe to withdraw together. Even when they aren’t physically together, there remains a profound emotional and intuitive bond. 

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Leo Moon

Partnership Pisces and Leo

These two are as different as it gets. Leo incorporates the „self,“ whereas Pisces lacks a strong sense of a self-identity. Thus, there can be two outcomes in this relationship. Either, Leo exploits the selfless, giving nature of Pisces completely – always claiming for more and more or he teaches Pisces to develop a self-identity and nurtures him with his generous love. That really depends on how content Leo is since he can switch those two patterns of behavior quite swiftly. 

If the first case overweighs, this relationship can actually be very toxic to Pisces, who will give and give – carrying a stage around for Leo to perform her „I am awesome“ monologues by transforming into a mirror without being seen at all himself. 

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Virgo Moon

Partnership Pisces and Virgo

These two are as different as possible. Although the two elements Water and Earth make a perfect match, the qualities of these two Moons don’t go hand in hand. That’s because they are in opposition to each other. That means Virgo is everything Pisces is not and Pisces is everything Virgo is not. At first, this sounds as though they might complement each other perfectly, but they really don’t. 

Critical Virgo shatters the confidence of Pisces into a thousand pieces and her claims overwhelm sensitive Pisces. In turn, chaotic Pisces deeply frustrates obsessive-compulsive Virgo whose need for security and perfection isn’t met by Pisces at all. Strict Virgo can fail to give Pisces the emotional support and loving affection, he needs to survive harsh reality – causing Pisces to try escaping emotionally from Virgo (without breaking the relationship off). Both can get hurt deeply in this combination since they have quite a restrictive power on each other. Still, as long as there are other indicators in the birth chart, which implement a tidy and organized Pisces Moon and an emotionally supportive Virgo, they can actually also challenge each other to develop exactly the qualities they lack themselves – without being shattered in the course of the relationship. 

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Libra Moon

This is a particularly tender and affectionate relationship. Pisces never fails to fulfill Libra’s need for affirmation. In turn, Libra reflects the needs of selfless Pisces by striving to please him. Thus, Pisces can open up emotionally. Also, Pisces can feel safe with considerate Libra since he knows that diplomatic Libra won’t dare to hurt him – being similarly sensitive to mood swings and criticism as Pisces himself. 

Since both Signs tend to be selfless, they might lack a sense of identity and direction in this relationship. Still, if there is a more dominant, decisive and self-confident Sun Sign involved, this can be the most magical and loving relationship. 

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Scorpio Moon

Both are Water Signs, which means that both have an incredibly emotional soul. The difference is their temperament. Scorpio is like a flood – conglomerating the whole energy into one force, whereas Pisces is like a drop of water dissolving into the whole ocean – being everything and nothing at once. The devoted, dissolving side of Pisces complements the controlling, and intense side of Scorpio perfectly since devotion is exactly what Scorpio seeks for in love. However, Pisces still manages to awaken Scorpio’s jealousy since he has an elusive nature – always escaping Scorpio’s grasp in a way. Also, Pisces is a disguise artist whereas Scorpio only respects the truth. 

Still, these two are perfect for each other. It’s like they have their little universe, where they dive into the deepest depths together – discovering secrets, finding wisdom, sharing the most intense emotions with each other. 

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Sagittarius Moon

The tempers of the two are vastly different. Sagittarius is a diffuse volcano – spreading its Fire all over the place. Pisces is like a drop of Water, which dissolves into the whole ocean and is everywhere at once. Sagittarius is expressive and intense, Pisces, on the other hand, is impressionable and soft. Thus, the hasty and intense display of affection of the Sagittarius can scare off shy Pisces, who feels overwhelmed quickly.

If Sagittarius can’t restrain himself but rather shoots one arrow after the other at Pisces, the relationship will shatter Pisces’ self-esteem completely. However, if Sagittarius is more sensitive towards Pisces, they can get to the most magical places together. Pisces will provide the fantasies, Sagittarius the adventures. Together they have the mind of Alice in Wonderland – far off from reality.

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Capricorn Moon

This is a beautiful combination, which enriches both sides of the relationship enormously. Because of the clear self-identity of Capricorn, it is easier to Pisces to perceive a self in this relationship. Thus, Pisces conceives support without Capricorn having to lift as much as a finger. Pisces can lead a parallel life and understand his needs next to Capricorn. In turn, Capricorn feels nurtured by the accepting and idealizing Pisces – feeling enabled to be more emotional in his presence. Thus, Pisces softens Capricorn, whereas Capricorn hardens Pisces. Still, the chaos, lack of stability and reliability of Pisces can utterly frustrate Capricorn. As a result, Capricorn might have difficulties trusting Pisces.

Distrust unsettles Pisces who develops a sense of personal insufficiency – causing him to escape and shut down emotionally. Since Pisces never demands, he won’t evoke notice of that, however. That’s why Capricorn won’t know why and how he hurt Pisces. At the same time, Capricorn won’t receive emotional support from the escapist Pisces – leading him into denial and emotional repression. At one point or another, both parties will feel emotionally drained and distant. However, they actually can easily overcome these phases in the relationship. If Capricorn understands that chaos is part of the deal and trust is absolutely necessary despite the chaos, while Pisces learns that keeping things in order makes Capricorn feel more secure, this will be a long-lasting duo (like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Aquarius Moon

When Aquarius is in an intimate relationship with Pisces, he can get utterly irritated by the emotional instability of Pisces. Not that Aquarius doesn’t have emotions, but his emotional state can usually be easily explained with logic. Pisces, on the other hand, has the most confusing emotional life. One minute, he stands next to a child who eats ice cream for the first time and is just as excited as the child. The next minute, however, Pisces is overwhelmed by sadness because someone next to him had cried in the subway. These energies are not accessible to Aquarius since he has a rather logical perception than emotional. However, Aquarius profoundly wants to understand Pisces and why he just can’t get it together sometimes. Unfortunately, Pisces usually finds it impossible to explain himself, since how would he know where all these emotions came from. After all, they don’t belong to him.

Because of this tremendously high sensitivity, lack of distance towards the environment and lack of a distinct “self”, Pisces only knows one way to cope with being misunderstood by Aquarius – escapism. Also, Pisces (feeling at the worlds mercy being overrun by lots of stimuli a day), builds up artificial borders to keep everyone away. That means, that Aquarius, for example, cannot meet friends or family, which in turn hurts Aquarius. In general, it is difficult for those two to bond and to support each other emotionally. Still, this is a connection which appears quite often actually. One example of a rather intellectual union is the union of Simone de Beauvoir and Sartre. Which unites those two Signs is their self-abstracting nature, their humanistic/tolerant souls and the open mind.

Partnership: Pisces Moon and Pisces Moon

This is the most beautiful combination since Pisces is the last Sign and therefore remains misunderstood by the other Signs. Together, they have their own universe and their energies merge into one. Both are incredibly devoted to each other and have a profound need to dissolve into one another. Pisces Moons have a giving nature, which can result in exploitation when they are in a relationship with other Signs. Not in this combination, though, since it is the greatest pleasure to them to give as much as possible. Their profound emotional connection is a spiritual one and can be very fertile creatively.

On the other hand, this can get a destructive connection also. That’s because both parties have a low sense of self and a wish to escape reality. Depending on other placements and emotional states, they can also start abusing drugs – because of the disability to withstand reality. Still, no-one can support a Pisces Moon emotionally as much as another Pisces Moon.