Palenque – the Scorpio of Mexico

 Palenque – a ruin site that…

…lets you gaze in amazement how the roots of trees pervade undeterred through the jungle like serpents, how vines are trailing the trunks of the trees surrounding and entangling them in a tight hug. Since who has a more insistent and haunting nature than the Scorpio

…lets you observe the transformation as you stand at the crossing point between power and the lack thereof – the birth of a culture, the death of the culture, and the rebirth of nature; a crossing point a Scorpio knows better than anyone

…makes you feel the incessant pulse of nature, the profound soul of this magical place – full of strain and full of secrets covered in a nebula. And who has a deeper soul and more secrets than the Scorpio

…reminds you constantly of how fleeting life is and everything we consider as important while nature perseveringly bursts through the stone facades of the buildings with tremendously violent forces as though driven by demons from the underworld from under the surface of the earth like only the Scorpio could with his inexhaustible vigor

…makes you put in perspective how small you and your life are in the face of time and in the face of the boundless forces of nature that slowly but surely swallow the magnificent constructions of the Mayan world

…casts a spell over you like a magician or a Scorpio pulling you deeper and deeper into the jungle under the cover of its reticence and lets you dive into the depths of the ruins and the secrets of the Mayan culture

If Palenque were a living creature…

…it would be a gorgon with serpents as hair. Every serpent would crawl, creep, trail and climb into different directions, noosing vigorously under the earth’s mantle. At times bursting through it, looping trees and climbing towards the sky. While waving successively under, through and above of the earth, the serpents would grow into infinity. Every time someone cut their head in trying to stop their advancement, they would just grow another one, forging ahead without respite.

The gorgon herself would live under the surface of the earth in a place that would look like a cave. An enormous cauldron would stand in front of her, overfilled with embers glowing blazingly, flying wildly, boiling dangerously but never dying. The gorgon would stir the blaze inside of the cauldron and then she would fill an unmelting spoon with the blaze to feed the roots of her serpent hair. Inside of the serpents, this blaze would transform into lava. Pouring through them like a stream until finally erupting from their mouths, destroying the existent in order to birth new earth, leading to an endless cycle of destruction and construction.


Don’t skip the jungle on your trip through Palenque!!!MerkenMerken


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