Origin of Scorpio during Evolution

Scorpio, the survivor, is the eighth Sign of the Zodiac. As the eighth Sign, he represents the end of autumn. The world around him begins to wither away since the summer is officially gone. But Scorpio is not only the eighth Sign to emerge in the course of one year. Also, it is the eighth sign to emerge in the Evolution of mankind. Before there was Scorpio there was the sheer survival instinct of the hunter (Aries), the preservation instinct of the gatherer (Taurus), the trading and communicative skills of the nomad (Gemini), the caring, loving nature of the settler (Cancer), the leadership skills of the King or Queen (Leo), the rational, calculative skills of Virgo (Cultivator), and the peace-making skills of the diplomat (Libra). One cognitive ability lead to the next one. So that when Libra emerged, the world probably must have appeared heavenly.


…for passion, jealousy, sheer will power, and desire (qualities of the following Zodiac Signs) to emerge, there must have been a drastically traumatic situation in the course of the genealogical tree of each human being. Otherwise, how would we know these emotions? We wouldn’t. That’s because passion, for example, is a sheer conglomeration of energy only designed to survive a dramatically life-threatening situation. However, it distinguishes from the sheer survival instinct of Aries because there is a connection to pain. It’s not like we process an attack by a wild animal. Rather it’s as though we process the loss of everything we once loved while we fight for our survival. Passion is a life or death emotion which is accompanied by an utter fear of loss causing jealousy and a forceful manner of trying to regain power. And that’s what Scorpio is all about.

Thus, passion could have emerged as an emotion because there was a happening that had taken away the life content of mankind – for example, a natural catastrophe. For example, a flood. But why a flood? Firstly, because Scorpio only develops after Cancer (mankind in the course of history) who settled around Water. Secondly, because the eighth cranial nerve – Nervus vestibulocochlearis which we have to maintain equilibrium is the equivalent nerve to Scorpio. Thirdly, because it is a Water Sign with the forceful power of a flood.

Survivor Scorpio

Scorpio: the Survivor

Around 12.000 years ago glaciers melted because of the changing climate – so much that a huge flood occurred at different places of the Earth. People had been retelling stories about the flood in oral tradition. Also, they wrote them down in the Atrahasi- and Gilgamesh-Epos and in one of the first astrological calendars, that some still read today – the Bible. It is written, that all the creatures barely survived it. But in this time of powerlessness and being completely and utterly at the mercy of nature, the Homo Sapiens developed the Scorpio’s survivor energy. A profoundly strong, fierce energy that generated all remaining power and focussed it on survival. Strong-willed and determined he fought for his survival. Everything he did he did with vehemence.

He had to reproduce much more than before since so many had died and so he did fanatically. Also, he had to find food since the paradise from before was nowhere to be found. Then he had to fight off dangers in the wild since there were no protective homes to hide anymore. In some ways, the flood had left the Homo sapiens with nothing but the knowledge of what he had achieved before, but he survived and so did the knowledge. And while keeping his head above water he probably looked up to the planets and asked: “Why?” Maybe even: “Are you punishing us?”

The survivor today:

Scorpio is an investigator. Since his consciousness is more connected to basic urges, he detects truth like no other Sign. As a huge skeptic, he scrutinizes everyone’s motivations to get to the bottom of things. Thus, you can find a lot of Scorpio’s energy in criminalistics and scientific research, for example.

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