Origin of Leo during Evolution

Leo is the fifth Sign of the Zodiac. However, Leo does not only come forth in the cycle of a year but also in the course of the history of mankind. That’s because he is the Ruler who developed after the Hunter (Aries), Gatherer (Taurus), Nomad (Gemini) and the Settler (Cancer). As Settlers, we as a species lived in a paradise without a shortage of food and Water. Moreover, we got to know our neighbors and felt safe amongst them. This living conditions were the ground on which the unshatterable faith and self-assuredness of Leo could blossom.

Life was good for the Homo Sapiens at that time in those parts of the world. Thus, we (as a species) directed our attention towards everything that felt good – like playing with children, dancing, laughing, having sex, eating. But fruit didn’t grow and animals didn’t reproduce as fast as Leo (the whole species) could eat. The once colonized paradise looked less and less like a paradise. Some even moved on to Asia 70.000 years ago, from there some went north 25.000 years ago, partially even passing the Beringia to get to the American continent 15.000 years ago and some went south to Australia 50.000 years ago and of course, some migrated to Europe as well. However, some stayed and were introduced to some problems which required a Ruler’s faith and leadership.

In order of being “successful” as a Ruler, we (as a species) then had to acquire certain qualities and abilities. Leo incorporates these qualities since the Ruler’s energy lives on inside him.

Leo: The Ruler

painting of the zodiac sign Leo - the Ruler from Nastja Stefanyuk

Required qualities of the Ruler:

Every larger group of people eventually requires some organization sooner or later. Especially, when there is a shortage of resources which have to be divided fairly. Now, to get to the top of a Hierarchy one has to be self-assured, and charismatic. To make everyone believe that problems are manageable, one has to radiate his unshatterable faith and confidence. Moreover, to be capable of organizing a larger group of people, one has to have leadership and organizational skills. That’s what Leo is all about.

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