Origin of Gemini during Evolution

Gemini is the third Sign of the Zodiac. However, Gemini does not only come third in the cycle of a year but also in the course of the history of mankind. That’s because he is the nomad who developed after the hunter (Aries) and gatherer (Taurus). The necessity to develop the nomad’s energy was probably based on a lack of resources in the vegetation zones where our species had been hunting and gathering for long time spans. Thus, we had to search for other places with more resources. On the way, Gemini’s energy finally developed.

In order of being successful as a nomad, we (as a species) then had to acquire certain qualities and abilities. Gemini incorporates these qualities since the Nomad’s energy lives on inside him.

Gemini: The Nomad

Nomad Gemini

Required qualities of the nomad:

To move and to leave everything behind to a completely unknown far away place, the Gemini first and foremost had to be curious, agile and mentally vigilant. The best chances to survive included gathering a lot of information about all the new places he passed by. Thus, he started networking with other cultures. Communication with other living beings was the best form of transmitting information (like the usage of fire for example) and since the Homo Sapiens had developed certain anatomic features, the Genesis of language and speech became possible physically and cognitively. Capabilities which the Gemini exploits like no one else. Thus, he is talkative and eager to get every information he can get. A problematic trait of the Gemini is his non-binding nature. Then again, this trait is what let him discover more fertile grounds where the Homo Sapiens could finally settle.

The nomad today:

The nomad is to be found in all fields where there is speech. For example, journalism, politics, linguistics, and writing in general.

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