Origin of Pisces during Evolution

painting of the zodiac sign Pisces - the Medium from Nastja Stefanyuk

Pisces: The Medium

Pisces – the Medium, is the last Sign of the Zodiac. As the last Sign, he represents the end of winter and sounds the bell for spring. Thus Pisces is the bridge between cognitively highly developed Aquarius and instinctive, primal Aries. When we transfer that to our brain, Pisces connects the center of Aquarius in the frontal lobe with the center of Aries which is the Amygdala. That means Pisces connects the formulas which Aquarius discovered to be universal (frontal lobe) with emotion (Amygdala).

In the course of evolution, Pisces firstly could only develop when the living conditions have clearly improved although they still weren’t ideal yet. Secondly, Pisces could only have emerged after (the logically deductive mindset of) Aquarius who in turn could only develop after (the categorical mindset of) Capricorn. The will power and ambition of Capricorn, however, first had to emerge after a natural disaster. Otherwise, there would not have been the necessity for the Signs to develop in the first place.

Required qualities of the Medium:

To be a medium, you have to build a wide intuitive network. Thus, you have to be highly susceptible to all kinds of information subconsciously. Also, your mind should build analogies constantly and bring the information in a harmonious whole. Aquarius already laid the ground for this intuitive mindset to develop since he had directed his antennas to the world surrounding him – always searching for solutions, expanding his cognitive abilities trying to combine all the things he knows, finding things he doesn’t know and combining them again to finally invent something that could be of use.

This mental openness to the world led to the capabilities  Pisces developed. In turn, Pisces expanded the mental openness to an emotional openness – making him understand the coherence of the world intuitively and transcribing his rich mind into art to let the rest of the population understand the harmonies he received from the universe.

The Medium today:

Pisces’ abilities are required in physics (self-abstraction, seeing oneself from a cosmic point of view), arts (universal language, harmony) and social work (inclusion). Actually, Pisces is always involved when the face of our world changes completely. That’s because whatever his susceptible, intuitive mind perceives, usually doesn’t coincide with our perception of reality. However, Pisces mostly is in the right.

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