Origin of Capricorn during Evolution

Capricorn – the Lawmaker, is the tenth Sign of the Zodiac. As the tenth Sign, he represents the height of winter. In order of surviving Winter, he has to be highly economical with his energy. Also, he has to have will power and faith that summer is just around the corner to persevere the cold. However, will power first had to emerge as a cognitive process during the Evolution of mankind.

The ground on which will power could blossom firstly had to be one where Homo Sapiens had experienced a high self-efficacy (for example as the survivor of the flood). Secondly, it had to be a ground where there was nothing – to force him to develop the ability to postpone rewards, categorize, select and prioritize for the cause of being economical. Thus, in order of being economical with his energy, he had to set strict ground rules. That’s why Capricorn emerged as the Lawmaker.

Capricorn: the Lawmaker

painting of the zodiac sign Capricorn - the Lawmaker from Nastja Stefanyuk

Required qualities of the Lawmaker:

To make the Laws, one has to define values. Thus, Capricorn has to divide between good and bad categorically. Then select the bad and set the good as the goal one should strive to achieve. However, this selective and categorical mindset makes will power and ambition come easily to Capricorn. Thus, it is the Sign to simply implement all dreams and not only determine Laws.

By way of illustration:

After the flood

Everything is ruined because the waves have swallowed the houses, drowned the fields and cost many people their home. People (Sagittarius) are now fighting for their own survival and for justice. To overcome their situation they start dreaming about a bright future. And then comes Capricorn and begins fulfilling those dreams.

Capricorn knows he has to set strict ground rules for a functioning society. The dreams Sagittarius had, aren’t as unrealistic with his will power at hand. But Capricorn has to set his hand to the task of rebuilding, of making everything the way it was. So he does and much, much more than that. Capricorn plows fields untiringly, builds houses forcefully, restructures the society strictly or rather structures a society initially. With blinders, he follows the road straight to the top without ever wandering off course.


…carries the Concentration of Aries, the Perseverance of Taurus, and the Self-confidence of Leo. Also, he knows he has to direct his mindset towards the future from Virgo. Capricorn knows collective life and seizing knowledge are two factors leading to much more success from Libra and Gemini. Moreover, he knows that at any moment everything can be taken away from him and that in order of survival he has to be very powerful and ambitious.

There is a deep Severeness in a Capricorn because he just survived the flood. Thus, he has to be economical with his energy. In order of rebuilding, he can not be distracted by impulse like Aries, not by chattiness like Gemini, not by emotional moodiness like Cancer, not by playfulness like Leo, not by concern like Virgo, not by conflict avoidance like Libra, not by primal urges like Scorpio and not by hopes and dreams like Sagittarius.

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