Origin of Aquarius during Evolution

Aquarius is the eleventh Sign of the Zodiac. As the eleventh Sign, he represents the height of winter but you can already suspect the blossoms of spring to emerge. Thus, he doesn’t have to be as willful as Capricorn since he knows he doesn’t have to persevere winter for much longer. Thus, his mind is directed towards the future. Instead of thinking categorically like Capricorn, the innovator Aquarius begins to logically deduct and connect more dots. However, this mindset only builds on the selective mindset of Capricorn who sets strict ground rules to survive Winter. With spring around the corner, Aquarius now recognizes the fallibility of some of Capricorn’s Laws.

However, for logically deductive thinking to emerge during the course of one year, it first had to develop during Evolution. The ground on which logically deductive and inventive thinking could blossom had to be one where a brighter future announced oneself, while the present was still restrictive. For example, after Capricorn had reconstructed the world after the flood (or any other catastrophic event) and it was becoming clear that Aquarius now should start shaping the future.

Aquarius: The Innovator

painting of the zodiac sign Aquarius - the innovator from Nastja Stefanyuk

Required qualities of the Innovator:

To be innovative, you first have to recognize what needs to change. In a way, innovation is partially built on a constant re-evaluation process in our minds. However, in order of re-evaluating, we first have to define values. Thus, Aquarius incorporates also the categorical and willful mindset of Capricorn which only makes it possible to value (by classification). He does not have a selective mind, on the other hand, because there is no necessity in his life anymore to be as selective as Capricorn during Winter. Thus, Aquarius breaks the blinders of Capricorn and opens up to the world. By getting more information Aquarius now can recognize the logically wrong. Moreover, he connects more information into a new logically deducted whole. This way, he becomes moral, finds new inventions and reforms society.

Thus, the development of Aquarius’ innovative mind was driven by Capricorn’s will power (mindset) in the first place. However, Capricorn had the willpower and ambition but not the ingenuity. His urgency to make everything bigger and better actually forced the development of the energy of Aquarius. For example, to build bigger houses, Aquarius first had to find other ways of transportation than the use of human hands or the backs of animals. So he invented the wheel for example and many other innovations.

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