Origin of Aries

Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac. As the first Sign, he represents the beginning – not only of spring but also of mankind. When our species emerged, we survived by becoming Hunters. In order of being successful as a Hunter, we (as a species) had to acquire certain qualities and abilities. Aries incorporates these qualities since the energy required for a successful hunt equals the attributes of Aries.

Aries: The Hunter

painting of the zodiac sign and the hunter energy of the Aries from Nastja Stefanyuk

Required qualities of a Hunter:

To hunt you need to find your prey, stalk it, generate mere extraordinary forces to catch your target and finally kill it. Therefore, the premises for a successful Hunter are high concentration, ambition, and courage. Also, one needs to move and think fast. 

This Hunter energy transfers onto every part of the life of someone who incorporates all the qualities of a typical Aries. For example, the way to speak is direct, free and honest; the way to act is spontaneous, courageous and decisive. A typical Aries decides with gut instinct whereas reason comes up later.

Problematic traits of the Aries energy are impatience, thoughtlessness, and egoism. Then again, this self- preservation instinct is what preserved our species and established the ground on which it could blossom later on.

The pace of life of a typical Aries is raging. He is always prepared to force through, fight and defend himself. It’s like he has a compulsion to move forward. Maybe that is because as a “Hunter” he spends a lot of energy hunting down one target. Eating his target gives him about as much energy as he needs for his next hunt. Therefore, he has to keep on moving, to keep on hunting.

The Hunter today:

We can find this hunter’s energy at Wall Street, on the soccer field, on the battlefield. Actually, the attributes of Aries are required everywhere where the is need for quick decision making, risk taking, fighting and forcing through.

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