Origin of Taurus during evolution

Taurus is the second Sign of the Zodiac. However, Taurus does not only come second in the cycle of a year but also in the course of the history of mankind. That’s because he is the gatherer next to the hunter – Aries. Collecting food as another possibility to get nutrition is not an activity that emerged after the Hunter. However, the role allocation between Hunter and Gatherer gave the act of gathering a whole different meaning.

Role allocation became necessary because our bodies erected. Thus, our species could not carry newborn babies on the back during endangering situations. As a result, a part of the group had to take care of the babies in a safe environment whereas the other part went out hunting.

In order of being successful as a gatherer, we (as a species) had to acquire certain qualities and abilities. Taurus incorporates these qualities since the Gatherer’s energy lives on inside him.

Taurus: The Gatherer

Gatherer Taurus painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Required Qualities of the Gatherer:

To search for food and then pick one fruit after the other without losing one’s mind,  Taurus has to be consistent, patient and persevering.  This Gatherer energy transfers to every aspect of the life of a Taurus. For example, they speak in a calm voice and like to gather all kinds of things. A problematic trait of the Taurus is his stubbornness. Then again, this is what let him hang on, searching and picking fruit inexhaustibly day after day. The Gathering of food as the primal form of the economy made it possible to ration energy resources. As a result, there was enough energy for the other Signs to emerge later on.

The Gatherer today:

We can find this gatherer’s energy in the economy since Taurus loves to gather financial assets. Also, Taurus is to be found in all sensual professions. That’s a relic from his time as a Gatherer since he had to rely a lot on his senses to differ good fruit from bad fruit. Thus, he developed a particular good sensual perception which makes him the most sensual sign. Because of his sensuality, Taurus is also the sign of the body. Thus, he can also be found in physical therapy for example.

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