Origin of Sagittarius during Evolution

Sagittarius is the ninth Sign of the Zodiac. As the ninth Sign, he represents the end of autumn and beginning of winter. It is not as cold yet. Thus, he doesn’t have to be as economical with his energy as Capricorn or Aquarius who follow after him in the midst of winter. Rather he has to prepare a mindset which makes Capricorn want to persevere winter. That’s why Sagittarius is a Dreamer full of hope. It is a visionary who has to envision a lighter and better future after winter. Thus, desire is his main drive. However, desire first had to emerge as an emotion during the Evolution of mankind.

The ground on which desire could blossom had to be one where the outcome of the future was unclear, but the past was already gone. Thus, desire could have emerged as an emotion because there was a happening that had taken away the life content of mankind – for example, a natural catastrophe. For example, the flood which Scorpio (eighth sign before Sagittarius) had just survived.

Sagittarius: The Dreamer

Dreamer Sagittarius

In the story of each human being’s dna there must have been a happening to make him fight for his life. Otherwise emotions and cognitive processes like passion, sheer will power, logical deductive thinking and last but not least creativity could not have had emerged in our species. A happening could have been a flood since human kind first settled at water sides.

Hypothetical scenario:

The flood had passed. Homo Sapiens had survived and he remembered life as it once was and dreamt about the way it could be again. But the reality was still tough. The flood left everything in anarchy. Everyone had to not only build everything from scratch but also fight for justice. Because fighting for survival during the flood brought up dark urges. That’s how the energy of Sagittarius is born. He is full of hope, of optimism, of desire, of wishes, full of yearning and longing for a different reality. A reality that is not limited by sheer survival needs.  He has to have faith again to endure his harsh reality and to keep on moving.

The Dreamer today

Sagittarius is to be found especially in Human Rights, Ethics, law and Philosophy, but also in the Arts – especially film direction.

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