Origin of Libra during Evolution

Libra is the seventh Sign of the Zodiac. However, Libra does not only come seventh in the cycle of a year. Also, she emerges as the seventh Sign in the course of the history of mankind. That’s because he is the Diplomat who developed after the Hunter (Aries), Gatherer (Taurus), Nomad (Gemini), Settler (Cancer), Ruler (Leo), and Cultivator (Virgo). Since there is now a field to plow and numerous mouths to feed, people have to work together. But teamwork was not an easy thing to manage for the egoistic Aries, the stubborn Taurus, the uncommitted Gemini, the moody Cancer, the spoiled Leo, and the wary Virgo. For a diplomatic communal work environment there had to be a Diplomat present. Someone who would transform the “I am, I want, Me” to the “We are, we want, us”. That’s how the energy of Libra developed.

Libra: The Diplomat

painting of the zodiac sign Libra - the diplomat from Nastja Stefanyuk

Required qualities of the Diplomat:

To cultivate a field was a great task, that required multiple hands to work the field. In order of maintaining the balance between the different energies, Libra has to be adaptable and charming. So she can restore a good mood on the field to make the communal work more productive. Also, she has to keep in mind everyone’s needs and make compromises if required. So she can restore peace and contentment at all times. Moreover, making people happy has to be of great importance to her since she has a quite unbalancing and difficult task to fulfill. In order of making people happy, she has to be fair and respectful. And that’s what Libra is all about.

The Diplomat today:

The Diplomat is not only working in diplomatic and social matters. He is also to be found in fields that are all about harmony in a sensual way. Thus, many Libra’s love Art, Architecture, Music, Fashion, and beauty in general.

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