Moon in Sagittarius

Our Moon placement distinguishes our emotionality which does not show immediately in society but pre-eminently emerges amongst our close relationships. As well, our Moon placement catalyzes every one of our actions – based on instinct. Also, our Moon placement determines what we dream about, what we desire, what we need to feel comfortable, and what nurtures our soul. In turn, it also distinguishes how we nurture our close environment in reverse.

Moon in Sagittarius

Emotionality of Moon in Sagittarius:

Moon in Sagittarius is full of desire. Mostly he desires justice, fun, travel, culture, and adventures of all kinds. Thus, spontaneous, fun and enthusiastic Sagittarius dives into his life head first. One day he might wake up in Sydney, the next he might already be at the other end of the world, however. The same day, he might meet 50 new friends, rob a bank, and experience a heart filled love story – all in one day. Also, Sagittarius will never do anything just because it is expected of him. He only ever acts from a place of sheer persuasion as unconventional his persuaions might be. That’s because in his heart Sagittarius is a philosopher, a lawyer, a morals teacher and a revolutionary all at once. For example, Oprah Winfrey with her Moon in Sagittarius or Amal Clooney with her Moon also in Sagittarius.

However, his persuasions might not always be logically deducted. Thus, he tends to speak before he thinks and be a little dogmatic even though he is not always (or even at all) right. Still, he leads the way even if he has no idea where to go. Just take a look at Trump with his Moon in Sagittarius. However, Sagittarius usually aims to expand his mental and emotional horizon to find his truth. Thus, he aspires to travel, meet a lot of different people, cultures, and traditions.

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