Moon in Pisces

Our Moon placement distinguishes our emotionality which does not show immediately in society but pre-eminently emerges amongst our close relationships. As well, our Moon placement catalyzes every one of our actions – based on instinct. Also, our Moon placement determines what we dream about, what we desire, what we need to feel comfortable, and what nurtures our soul. In turn, it also distinguishes how we nurture our close environment in reverse. Read more about the emotionality of indulgent Pisces in the following.

Indulgent Pisces

Emotionality of Moon in Pisces:

The soul of Moon is Pisces is indulgent, forgiving, and loving. Also, his tender heart is full of devotion. That’s why Moon in Pisces naturally behaves thoughtfully and respectfully. Since Pisces is emotionally unguarded, he feels everyone’s pain. Thus, he understands where everyone is coming from. His empathy makes it the sign with the most sparkling but also most confusing emotional life.

One could compare Moon in Pisces with a drop of water: elusive, reflective, shimmering, purging, absorbing, healing, and infinite. It can evaporate into a cloud at every time but then dissolve into the ocean. Moon in Pisces feels this connection with the universe and has a profound sense for the all-entity.

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