Moon in Cancer

Our Moon placement distinguishes our emotionality which does not show immediately in society but pre-eminently emerges amongst our close relationships. As well, our Moon placement catalyzes every one of our actions – based on instinct. Also, our Moon placement reveals our dreams, what we desire, what we need to feel comfortable, and what nurtures our soul. In turn, it also distinguishes how we nurture our close environment in reverse.

Dreams of Cancer

Emotionality of Moon in Cancer:

Cancer Moon is the Moon of impressionists since almost every composer and artist from this era has this astrological position. The word impressionism includes the word impression. An impression is a sensation which finds a way through the skin of a Cancer Moon unfiltered. Then, the sensation leaves an imprint on his soul since he is emotionally supremely impressionable. Thereby this susceptibility is a passive, introversive “action”. With other words, the Cancer Moon is an introvert that takes in myriads of stimuli from the outside world – undissected. Thus, the whole range and depth of emotion are easily accessible for a Cancer Moon. Words do not begin to describe the richness of his feelings.

On the one hand, this wealthy emotionality can lead to him creating the most dazzling pictures, dreams, and phantasies. On the other hand, he can feel overstimulated without the possibility to hide under his shell at times. Then he needs to withdraw – shutting everyone out. Without a possibility to isolate himself, he gets moody, petulant and acts overly tough as an overcompensation of his sensibility. He even can be very hurtful because he feels the emotions of his fellow people intuitively. Thus he has a deep, psychological understanding of where it hurts people most.

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