Midheaven in Gemini

Our Midheaven Sign distinguishes what we want to do professionally. However, our Midheaven placement only complements our Moon and Sun Signs. Thus, when you have a rather stable core personality, you won’t be as flaky as Midheaven in Gemini usually is. Still, having this placement in the toolbox of your personality will definitely make you aspire a versatile working environment with a variety of tasks.

Versatile Gemini

Features Of Midheaven in Gemini:

Most of you who read this page will probably have this placement. That’s because this is the most confusing one when it comes to professions. It is confusing because, to a Midheaven in Gemini, routine is toxic. However, most jobs include routine at one point or the other. Don’t despair! Look at the bright side of this placement since you will be the one with the most interesting career.

Gemini is the sign of speech and of exchange of knowledge. Therefore communication is crucially important for him. Gemini dominates intellectual occupational fields that include speech and writing like Journalism and Politics. Also, every field that is somehow inflicted with media. It is difficult to narrow down a field for a Midheaven in versatile Gemini. Usually, it is very broad.

Amongst the people with this placement, I know one guy (Virgo Moon, Cancer Venus) who has worked as a professional pianist, then as a travel advisor and now as a nurse; another person I know is a girl (Cancer moon, Leo Venus) who has worked as a psychologist in a psychiatry, then she was an assistant in TV shows and now she is an actress.