Midheaven in Cancer

Our Midheaven Sign distinguishes what we want to do professionally. However, our Midheaven placement only complements our Moon and Sun Signs. Thus, when you have a rather outgoing core personality, you won’t aspire an intimate and soulful working environment as much as Midheaven in Cancer usually does. Still, having this placement in the toolbox of your personality will definitely make you more affine to professions in welfare.

Soulful Cancer

Features Of Midheaven in Cancer:

This placement is a beautiful placement when it comes to social work. Cancer is the sign of the soul, care, intimacy, and security. Therefore the work environment for a Midheaven in Cancer should be personal and familiar. He enjoys emotional safety and a secure position more than pushing through towards the top of a hierarchy. The work climate should be filled with warmth and love.

If that is the case Midheaven in Cancer is loyal, trustworthy and a devoted working force. Especially in fields like nursing, welfare, and childcare. As an empath Cancer has to communicate on a soulful level. Therefore he has a perceptive psychological mind and is capable in human resources, also.

There is another side to the Midheaven in Cancer. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon (our souls) he is also to be found in artistic fields. Especially music. In many ways, Midheaven in Cancer is similar to Midheaven in Taurus. Professions that nurture the soul like cooking, baking, painting, and landscape designing are perfect for him. Also everything with gardens, flowers in general and music.