Midheaven in Virgo

Our Midheaven Sign distinguishes what we want to do professionally. However, our Midheaven placement only complements our Moon and Sun Signs. Thus, if you have a rather practical core personality, then you won’t aspire to work in a more philosophical field. As much as Midheaven in Virgo usually would love to. Still, having this placement in the toolbox of your personality will definitely make you more affine to philosophical theories.

Philosophical Virgo

Features Of Midheaven in Virgo:

Virgo is an analytical thinker. She wants to understand, systematize, plan, build and perfect a system. This system can be the health care system, the school system, the infrastructure system or the political system in general. What’s important is that it is for the purpose of society. With this placement work usually consists of more theoretical accomplishments than practical. That’s because Virgo is big on planning and constructing an abstract ideal in her mind.

Therefore there are a lot of philosophers and writers with this placement (for example Friedrich Nietzsche, Simone de Beauvoir, Sartre, Goethe). Also, this is the perfect placement for consulting, supervision, industrial psychology, and ergonomy since no-one can detect and remove mistakes from work environments as well as Virgo.