Midheaven in Libra

Our Midheaven Sign distinguishes what we want to do professionally. However, our Midheaven placement only complements our Moon and Sun Signs. Thus, when you have a rather provocative core personality, you won’t aspire a harmonious working environment as much as Midheaven in Libra usually does. Still, having this placement in the toolbox of your personality will definitely make you more affine to professions in diplomacy.

Harmonious Libra

Features Of Midheaven in Libra:

Libra is ruled by Venus and is the sign of the Community and harmonious relationships. Therefore it is important for Midheaven in Libra to be surrounded by people in their working place. Usually, there is little ambition to climb the career ladder to the top. That’s because most Midheavens in Libra are happy with a peaceful occupation that has a social purpose and helps the community. They are natural diplomats who understand every point of view and can bring people closer together.

As always there is another side to the Midheaven in Libra. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, Libra has a distinct sense for proportion, harmony, and beauty. Professional fields like fashion, design, make-up, jewelry, but also the arts are of interest for Midheavens in Libra.

Amongst the people I know, there are 5 people with this placement. Two of them actually work as social workers (Aries Moon and Cancer Venus; Sagittarius Moon and Aries Venus). What they love about their jobs is working for the sake of the community amongst close people who are more like friends and family than strangers. Another girl (Gemini Moon, Leo Venus) I know with this placement is a teacher who loves her job for the exact same reason. The third in line has founded a firm for nursing care (Capricorn Moon, Virgo Venus). The last one (Aries Moon, Virgo Venus) has founded the online fashion trading platform alongside the Taurus Midheaven girl I have mentioned earlier.