Mars in Cancer

Your Mars Sign firstly distinguishes the way you force through your needs. Secondly, how you behave in bed. Thirdly, what you are ready to fight for and last but not least how you fight. Thus, you might have a forceful core personality (Sun and Moon Signs) but when it comes to forcing through your needs, you can be more passive like Cancer with this placement.

Passive Cancer

Features of Mars in Cancer:

Mars in Cancer is the most difficult placement for Mars. That’s because passive Cancer usually swallows the Mars energy. For example, when fighting, he tends to position himself as a victim without reflecting his own fault. However, he takes everything extremely personal at the same time. Moreover, Mars in Cancer represses his anger/Mars energy or transforms it into sadness. Then, he turns away from a fight rather than living it out. Without that energy at hand, sex can be a challenge – since Cancer is soulful and tender rather than sexual. When Mars in Cancer interacts with someone who is more physical and invasive, he can quickly feel molested. However, when he interacts with someone, who is sensitive to his needs and who he has an intimate, loving connection to, sex can be the most beautiful experience to him. That’s because Cancer is the sign of love, emotional connection, and tenderness.

Still, Mars in Cancer is usually a very talented lover – since he is empathic to the likes and dislikes. Moreover, Cancer knows to adjust to the rhythm and is devoted to caring about his partner’s needs. Also, he is the master of kissing. In a way, you could compare his sexual style by playing the piano four-handedly. First, you need to be sensitive to the pressure of the touch of the claviature. Second, you have to be sensitive to the rhythm, tone, and energy of your partner. Third, you need to be able to adjust so you can play in perfect harmony. Three things the Mars in Cancer has mastered. When in a relationship, sex (to the physically and emotionally sensitive Cancer) represents the purest connection and even gets addictive. Outside of a relationship, however, he can live completely abstinent.