Mars in Aquarius

Your Mars Sign firstly distinguishes the way you force through your needs. Secondly, how you behave in bed. Thirdly, what you are ready to fight for and last but not least how you fight. Thus, you might have an egoistic core personality (Sun and Moon Signs) but when it comes to forcing through your needs, you can be fair like Aquarius with this placement.

Fair Aquarius painted by Katja Stefanyuk

Features of Mars in Aquarius:

Mars in Aquarius is a very good placement to have since Aquarius has a peaceful and sanguineous temper, which harmonizes well with the Mars energy. When it comes to fighting, he is fair, constructive and interested in different standpoints. In general, Mars in Aquarius is a good-tempered fellow, who doesn’t make mountains out of molehills and who forgives easily. His light temper confers to his sexual style. First of all, this is a Mars who really enjoys the sportive act of sex and likes to experiment.

Like Gemini, Aquarius also is an explorer, who behaves playfully and is curious to learn more things about his partner. There is something unusual to Mars in Aquarius. To him, different concepts of sexuality can be quite appealing like polygamy, bisexuality or threesomes. He is open to anything that’s new and exciting. To him, both parties, are equals in the act to a point, where the perception of genders intermingles. It’s not about dominance or control but rather about exploring and experimenting.