Mars in Leo

Your Mars Sign firstly distinguishes the way you force through your needs. Secondly, how you behave in bed. Thirdly, what you are ready to fight for and last but not least how you fight. Thus, you might have a shy core personality (Sun and Moon Signs) but when it comes to forcing through your needs, you can act self-confident like Leo with this placement.

Confident Leo

Mars in Leo is a wonderful placement to have. On the other hand, it can be a choleric combination, also. That’s because Mars is a Fire Planet, while Leo is a Fire Sign. Thus, Mars in Leo can quickly feel as though he is on fire. Then he might react belligerently at times. Because of the hot temper, Mars in Leo is definitely not a placement to ever argue with. Also, it is a very prideful Sign and when the pride gets pricked, it only builds up his pride. Still, it is a very good placement to have, because this hot temper is also creative, self-confident and endlessly passionate. Especially, when it comes to sex and everything concerning it.

Mars in Leo has a tendency to put on a show – celebrating himself and his sex-appeal to the fullest. He never overlooks his own needs. These include a certain need to stage the sexual act in a dramatic, and beautiful manner. Also, he has to be dominant, playful, and feel limitless passion at the same time. His self-confidence and sexual nature make him quite inhibited, but he does not need a lot of variety, however. As long as he feels desired, his self-loving nature will quickly arouse him and as long as there is passion everything is fine with him. Celebrities with a Mars in Leo placement are Beyonce Knowles, George Clooney, Cher, Sofia Loren, Channing Tatum, and Hillary Clinton, for example.