Mars in Sagittarius

Your Mars Sign firstly distinguishes the way you force through your needs. Secondly, how you behave in bed. Thirdly, what you are ready to fight for and last but not least how you fight. Thus, you might have a shy core personality (Sun and Moon Signs) but when it comes to forcing through your needs, you can act overconfident like blunt Sagittarius with this placement.

blunt Sagittarius

Features of Mars in blunt Sagittarius:

Sagittarius has the wild, pure, playful and natural sexual energy of Aries. There is also something innocent to his sexuality since he mostly enjoys frolicking around uninhibited. He behaves just as unrestrained as Aries and also has no shame in satisfying his own needs. In the case of Sagittarius, however, the sexual energy is complemented with an insatiable curiosity, an eagerness to experiment and an idealistic desire to make sex an almost spiritual experience. There is a certain ambition to sex with Sagittarius and at the same time an adventurous lightness.

Usually, Mars in Sagittarius has a lot of sex in his life and starts from an early age. As a Fire Sign, Sagittarius is also quickly aroused. That’s why Sagittarius can cut short foreplay at times and consummate the act at the most random places. When it comes to fighting, he is brutally honest, blunt, overconfident and almost cocky. Also, he can get dogmatic and insisting, that he is in the right even though he is not. But anger goes as quickly – as it comes and he usually does not hold any grudges since Mars in Sagittarius is an optimistic, free-spirited, and open-hearted fellow, who tends to look on the bright side.

Pop-star and founder of the make-up and lingerie business Fendy, Rihanna is one famous example of the placement of Mars in Sagittarius. Ellen Degeneres also has this Mars placement in her birth chart.