Venus in Aries

In every birth chart, there is a Venus Sign. You could compare the role of Venus with the role of Make-up. It makes you beautiful and is a crucial part of your courtship behavior since you rely on this part of your personality to seduce – not only your lover but also society. For example, you can have a careful, sensitive and shy core personality (Sun and Moon) but at the same time an impulsive and boisterous Venus like Aries. Then you appear to be much more self-confident than you feel you are on the inside.

Impulsive Aries - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Features of Venus in Aries:

Venus in Aries behaves dominantly amongst friends and family. She speaks brutally honest from her heart. Thus she can seem aggressive, even tactless at times but one always knows where one stands with Aries. Especially as soon as she gets the impression, that she has to defend herself. This is often the case since the preservation of her ego has the highest priority. As soon as she gets the impression, that her needs are endangered one should hide from her rage. On the other hand, the storm quickly passes because her anger goes away as swiftly as it comes. Then, not only her anger goes away but all the memories of her own outbreak as well.

She has an invasive, and pure energy which she often releases through impulsive actions. Her fire can light up quickly – especially when it comes to love. However, it can die out just as fast and light up again in another place. She enjoys an active relationship, that gives her the opportunity to romp around like a child. She simply needs to feel free at all times. Her partner should challenge her playfully and not be someone to hold a grudge since her honesty knows no boundaries.

Venus in Aries can hop from one bar to another all night long. Then she can go to work afterward – without showing that she hasn’t slept at all. She loves and enjoys all activities that make her feel the power of her body and challenge her to overcome its boundaries – especially sex. A typical Venus in Aries gets seduced and falls in love quickly. However, she can fall out of it just as fast without ever looking back.

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