Mars in Aries

Your Mars Sign firstly distinguishes the way you force through your needs. Secondly, how you behave in bed. Thirdly, what you are ready to fight for and last but not least how you fight. Thus, you might have a patient core personality (Sun and Moon Signs) but when it comes to forcing through your needs, you can act impatient like Aries with this placement.

Impatient Aries - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Features of Mars in Aries:

Mars actually rules the sign of Aries since it is the first sign whose basic survival instincts are very strong. This makes Aries one of the most sexual Signs of all. The energy is raw, animalistic and wild. However, at the same time, there is something innocent about his sexuality. That’s because sex for him is pure, playful and natural. Although Aries behaves boisterously, dominantly and unrestrained in bed, it is not about dominance or power for him. Rather it is about frolicking around uninhibited and without thought. A Mars in Aries usually knows exactly what he likes and isn’t afraid to satisfy his own needs. Also, Mars in Aries is quickly aroused when it comes to sex. That’s why he can cut short foreplay at times and consummate the act at the most random places.

Because Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac, the parts of the brain which are responsible for our basic instincts are especially active. Thus, Aries is completely in the present without any thought about the future or the past when it comes to sex and he does not overthink or think at all. He simply starts, plays and finishes having the best time ever, then goes on with his life and repeats. When it comes to fighting, he is similarly uncomplicated. His invasive and impatient energy can be brutal, but anger goes as quickly as it comes. Also, he never holds any grudges. Therefore, Mars in Aries can be raving mad at times, but because of his honesty and directness, he is actually the most uncomplicated Sign to fight with. Angelina Jolie has a Mars in Aries.

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