Pisces – Guide to Happiness


If you have a Pisces Moon (or Sun or Venus), you probably have some escapist tendencies every now and then. Maybe you constantly feel overwhelmed and overstimulated because you are so sensitive. From time to time, you might even leave everything behind – hiding out in your dreams.

That’s because you are a highly sensitive empath and there is NOTHING wrong with that!!!

If you’re constantly stuck in a stressful environment full of noise, flashy lights, harsh movements, sharp tones, and edgy people, you will be fully drained emotionally one of these days. As the Medium of the Zodiac, millions of external stimuli have a way of getting into your nervous system as though there is no skin to shield you.

BUT don’t EVER be discouraged by that because it actually is a huge privilege. Why? Because you have all the information inside of you, while your brain is making neural connections non-stop. This way you develop an incredible intuitive sense. And that’s not all! These connections can lead to profound wisdom, understanding of the harmonies of the universe (physics) and tremendous artistical talent. There is a reason why Piscean energy is usually involved when the face of our reality changes completely (Albert Einstein – Sun, Steve Jobs – Sun, Galileo Galilei – Sun, Leonardo Davinci – Moon and so on).

What you first have to know is…

… you are NOT weak or worse than others because you are soft, indulgent and apologetic. You are tremendously strong BECAUSE you manage to remain that way although society tries to beat these qualities out of you. The first step towards being happy is the acceptance of these beautiful qualities. Embrace your sensitivity, your mercy, and your indulgence. Just because you are highly sensitive, it doesn’t mean you have to change who you are.

It simply means you have to take much more care of yourself!

Don’t listen to a couple of things society tends to tell you:

  • Be more focused

In order of being more focused, one has to select loads of information. Your genius mind arises from NOT being selective. Of course, at times everyone has to focus to implement dreams (and you definitely CAN also). Still, you simply HAVE to know that lack of concentration is NOT a bad trait. It simply enables different processes in your brain.

  • Be stronger

Strength has a good connotation whereas the opposite is weakness and has a bad connotation. But that’s NOT true – because what complements strength is adaptability and elasticity. That’s what we often consider weak, although these qualities are just as important as strength. We consider people strong with a boisterous, almost invasive energy who don’t take anything from anyone always forcing through their needs. Now imagine everyone in our world would be that way. We would probably never have peace. Also, it actually doesn’t require much strength if you have this boisterous energy. What actually requires strength is remaining as sensitive, pure, emotionally unguarded and indulgent as you are in this reality. Thus, you already are probably the strongest of the Zodiac Signs – simply because you exist.

Not you should be the one to adjust …

… society should adjust to YOU. Don’t let ANYONE EVER take away your confidence and self-worth by telling you, that you are too sensitive, too unfocused, too weak. Because guess what – that’s bullshit. Accept the simple fact that you won’t be less sensitive simply because everyone tells you that you should be. And that is BEAUTIFUL! Pretending you are different than you actually are, will result in a split from your honest AND gorgeous self. The part of you, which you will hide, will split off but remain in you like an abandoned child.

The more you put on a show to meet the expectations of society the sadder, lonelier and shyer this abandoned child will become. DON’T abandon your inner child. Take it by the hand, care for it and protect it as much as you tend to protect everyone else in need. BUT first and foremost stand tall beside your inner child. DON’T ever belittle or diminish its needs or personality because it’s not a “fit” for this capitalistic and exploitative society. We are all in need to meet this inner child of yours to come forth and teach us love, selflessness, universal harmony, and global entity.

  • Pull yourself together

This phrase can apply to any other Zodiac Sign BUT Pisces and is usually used by any other Sign BUT Pisces (except Elizabeth Taylor with her Scorpio Moon). Of course, you absolutely are capable of “pulling yourself together” theoretically because you can disguise yourself behind a mask of pretense like no other. BUT your-pulling-yourself-together-act happens at the cost of processing. It’s simple really – you need MORE time to process since you have SOOO much more to process than the others. Stand by that!

don’t ever belittle yourself …

… because of it EVER! So sleep 12 hours a day if that’s what it takes – because why the hell sacrifice your health because society has set up a standardized time span for sleep hours. NO – you need sleep, you sleep. DON’T apologize for it.

  • Be more realistic

Your perception of reality is actually much closer to what reality might actually be than what the Zodiac Signs perceive as reality. Since you are the last Sign to develop, you simply have more access to the universe and what the rest of the Zodiac Signs don’t see, they simply don’t believe. Something Galileo Galilei for example (Pisces Sun) had to experience also.

  • Don’t daydream so much

Oh Pisces, please DO daydream. It’s a way of processing and a little bit like therapy for you. Daydreaming is a compensation mechanism which is actually important for emotional management since daydreams have the power to make you happy. Also, they train your fantasy and give you direction in life.

  • Don’t withdraw from reality

Withdrawal is a necessity for you – not an option. Being as sensitive as you are, your immune and nervous system won’t withstand the millions of external stimuli if you won’t withdraw yourself every once in a while into the quiet of solitude.


… of course, you still have to maintain a balance. If you completely vanish into your dreams barely able to cope with everyday life, then it is a sign that your everyday life has to change. That doesn’t mean necessarily you have to change. You simply have to adjust reality to your needs.

Tips for a Morning routine (1 hour) for sensitive Pisces
  • beginning the day with a smooth awakening -> for example with an alarm clock, which will play your favorite music in the morning (starting with calm songs which later on are replaced by songs which make you want to dance)
  • dancing to heighten the noradrenaline levels in a joyful way
  • taking your alone time in the morning to build up your immune system before you encounter all the energies of your environment
  • contacting the Elements

That last one might sound weird at first. What I mean is taking your share of Water (shower, bath), Earth, Air, and Sun (walk in the park, forest, mountains, beach…) to embrace the connection and support of the universe. Why? Because these are our natural energy resources. Since you give your ALL emotionally every day, you have to be nurtured by nature EVERY day.

Work (if you have a chance to choose your working place)
  • choose a working environment where there is a small familiar team which makes you feel emotionally welcome and comfortable
  • a caring job like any type of therapy or social work, where you can connect with people on a deeper level, corresponds with your nurturing soul
  • a spiritual job to embrace the connection with the universe
  • a creative job (like architecture or shooting films) – creation arises from building analogies which is the only way to bring all of the dots together into a beautiful and harmonious whole
  • also, musical and artistic professions which have the power to soothe your emotions, are perfect for you
  • acting (a perfect way to give room to all of your 20 personalities)

Side note:

Although the Moon is your basic foundation, in Astrology it is the MC (Midheaven) which leads our path when it comes to our careers.

Tips for an After Work or school routine
  • meeting friends for a coffee or tea in a cozy coffee place to find a way to process your emotions by talking them over because feelings might overwhelm you otherwise (but withdraw yourself in good time so you can retreat in your safe environment at home)
  • or talking on the phone to walk through the day mentally in order to manage emotions
  • writing a diary to meet the same purpose 
  • getting massages regularly (to heighten oxytocin levels – our love hormone)
  • having a creative hobby (as part of organizing the beautiful chaos in your head) like:
  1. painting
  2. singing
  3. playing instruments
  4. writing
  • having a physical hobby like dancing
  • but also doing a daily fitness routine to build your physical strength, stamina, skill, and speed

Your physical body simply has to be strengthened every day for your emotional well-being and immune system. Otherwise, you might have one cold after the other.

Before sleep routine

When you had a day full of love, support but free of loud noises, harsh energies and flashy lights you will probably sleep like a baby. If that hasn’t been the case then

  • do some Yoga
  • meditate to calm down your brain waves and make the world shut up for a moment
  • contact the elements once more (Water especially)

Why physical activity is important for emotional stability?

You carry the legacy of the Medium. Being as highly sensitive to external stimuli as you are, can destabilize you emotionally in this loud, flashy and stressful reality. To drown emotions or escape them completely, Pisces tends to eat too much or even use drugs to achieve the same results. Therefore sports, as the most effective mood stabilizer and immune booster, is of special importance to you. Regular physical challenges can get rid of depression AND unnecessary overweight.

There will be a significant change in your emotional state if you accept your need to withdraw and retreat (physically, mentally and emotionally). Your deep emotionality will let you experience the most beautiful emotions and see the world in the most beautiful colors. WE ALL need your energy, your love, and devotion. There are numerous places where your nurturing nature is appreciated!

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