Libra – Guide to Happiness


If you have a Libra Moon (or Sun or Venus), you maybe tend to depend your self-esteem on the opinions of people surrounding you. Maybe you also lack inner balance, if the atmosphere amongst colleagues or beloved ones is tense.

That’s because you carry the legacy of the Diplomat, who first started understanding different standpoints. Thus his role became to conciliate between them in the course of history. That was tremendously important since only the harmonious collaboration between different parties could result in efficient work on the soil. In order to understand different parties you first had to put your focus onto the feelings, opinions, and expectations of everyone involved. By doing so you averted the focus from your own needs (except the need for harmony and beauty). Not knowing your needs, however, causes fickleness and indecisiveness.

If you’re stuck in a dog-eat-dog-environment, you will lose yourself behind a constant smile one of these days in trying to make everyone happy with your charms. Know this: You are NOT responsible for the happiness of anyone else’s but your own – even though you are definitely capable of changing the emotional state of the people surrounding you. Also, you are entitled to feel every emotion in the book. Not only the pretty ones which won’t hurt the balance. Don’t be afraid to hurt the balance. In order to be balanced yourself, you sometimes have to put your needs, true self, and imperfections out there.

Even though you might have a tight schedule, that doesn’t leave much room for the Libra  – MAKE some space. Find your inner peace without depending it on the balance of your environment!

Tips for a Morning routine (1 hour) with more balance
  • waking up to an alarm clock with a playlist of your favorite songs
  • having a “pretty” routine – making everything “pretty” in the morning will clear your mind for the day (like making the bed and cleansing your skin)
  • wearing a Pyjama and a sleep mask made of silk for a “pretty” and sensual sense of self
  • wearing cozy socks or slippers – so you can hover through your apartment as the elegant fairy you are while ironing your life gracefully
  • enjoying a classy breakfast – for example with some goods from a patisserie around the corner
  • complementing the breakfast with fruit infused water/fresh pressed orange juice and green tea (healthy and rich nutrition with antioxidants, which detox you daily is especially important for you since you absorb the energies surrounding you like a sponge)
  • going to a Yoga class, doing Yoga at home or going slacklining ( finding physical balance is also especially important for you since you might tend to balance everything out around you at the cost of your own balance)
  • taking a smoothie to go (as a healthy support for your immune system during the day)
Work (if you have a chance to choose your working place)
  • choose a working environment, where a lot of communication is in order
  • preferably the workspace is in a beautiful environment (so your desire for beauty and harmony can be satisfied)
  • choose a working environment, where social interaction amongst colleagues is peaceful, friendly and harmonious
  • possible career paths: media, fashion, architecture, design, sales, and marketing

Side note:

Although the Moon is your basic foundation, in Astrology it is the MC (Midheaven) which leads our path when it comes to our careers.

Tips for an After Work or school routine For more balance
  • meeting friends for a coffee to find a way to process your emotions by talking them over -because the reflection of your emotions lets you understand them better
  • or talking on the phone to walk through your day mentally
  • writing a diary to meet the same purpose and to distance yourself from the voices outside – so you can actually figure out what your own voice tells you
  • having a hobby where you take part in making the world more beautiful – like sawing, designing, decorating and so on
  • getting Massages regularly (to heighten oxytocin levels – our love hormone)
  • taking a steam Bath – so you can steam out all of your toxins from the day
Before sleep routine
  • doing some autogenic training – so you can sense yourself (to develop a definite sense of self is important for a typical Libra since she usually is more concerned with others)

There will be a significant change in your emotional state if you integrate some alone time in your life. Your inner voice will emerge – making it a lot easier for you to find your own path. The world needs your energy. There are thousands of places where your balancing nature is appreciated!

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