Leo – Guide to Happiness


If you have a Leo Moon (or Sun or Venus), you probably feel a light glowing inside of you, which you want to free so it can meet its purpose to shine. Maybe you feel underappreciated at times and tense, because you’re under the impression that you need to hold yourself back, humble yourself and restrict your energy so that everyone else will appreciate you.

That’s because you carry the legacy of the King or Queen. In the course of history, there was a time where humankind was in need of someone competent to lead. That’s when the energy of Leo developed.

If you’re stuck in a life where you can not shine, you will get so frustrated that you might burn everyone around you. That’s because as a Fire Sign you generate more energy (almost as much as Aries) than the rest of the Zodiac Signs. Your inner fire needs to burn to its full capacity and be used to fulfill its destiny to lead. Otherwise, a repressed Leo will get choleric and overcompensate with pride rather than with his sincerely cordial and warm-hearted energy. Even though you might have a tight schedule that doesn’t leave much room for the Leo in your life – MAKE some space. Let your inner light out!

How to integrate a daily portion of the light of Leo in your life

Morning routine (2 hours)
  • make a cult around your morning 
  • take your time to embrace your beauty
  • set up a rich breakfast or go out to a nice cafe to start off the day with a little decadence
Work (if you have a chance to choose your working place)
  • choose a working environment where you can be or get to the top of a hierarchy (if that’s not possible at least a team leader)
  • or start your own business
  • go to Hollywood and become a star 
  • or the president of a country 
  • or a teacher

Side note:

Although the Moon is your basic foundation, in Astrology it is the MC (Midheaven) which leads our path when it comes to our careers.

After Work or school routine
  • half an hour of endurance sports like Jogging, swimming or cross-training in a studio
  • half an hour of Yoga or Stretching
  • finish the day with some wellness like a massage, sauna or a bath

Why do you need to lead and challenge yourself physically?

When you are in a high power position or feel under-appreciated at times, you might get a choleric temper. Then the part of your nervous system which heightens the heart rate and tightens your arteries turns on. In the long run, the risk of heart attacks and strokes increases if you don’t do endurance sports. Also, muscle tensions might occur because of high stress. Therefore Yoga is the key to release the tensions in your muscles.

There will be a significant change, if you accept that your needs are valid! But also that no-one but you can or should fulfill them. Your energy will sublime into pure joy and validation for yourself if you won’t rely on your friends or family to provide you with appreciation non-stop. So provide yourself with it.

Be full of yourself and be the star that you are, because why the hell not. It’s better to think you’re amazing than to think the opposite and you probably are amazing. So celebrate your existence to the fullest and let your inner light shine brightly as the sun. As brightly, as colorfully and as loudly as you want. Don’t let anyone humble you! If you gain that inner sense of self-appreciation and spend enough attention to your own needs, as decadent as they might be, you will flood the environment with your warmth and light. As a result, everyone will love you for being full of yourself and taking the spotlight. The world needs your energy. There are thousands of places where your leadership and stardom is appreciated!

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