Cancer – Guide to Happiness

If you have a Cancer Moon (or Sun or Venus), you probably have quite a few mood swings, since Cancer is a highly emotional Zodiac Sign. Maybe you constantly feel overstimulated. From time to time, you might even completely isolate yourself from everything and everyone in your life.

That’s because you are a highly sensitive empath and there is NOTHING wrong with that!!!

If you’re constantly stuck in a stressful environment full of noise, flashy lights, harsh movements, sharp tones, and edgy people, you will be fully drained emotionally one of these days. As the Settler of the Zodiac, you need a supporting, familiar and peaceful environment more than all the other Zodiac Signs. Therefore a beautiful home, a soothing garden, a safe intimate relationship with a lot of cuddling, a loving family and/or pet, a close set of friends and a caring, small working environment are crucially important for your well-being. Even though you might have a tight schedule that doesn’t leave much room for the Cancer – MAKE some space.

Tips for a Morning routine (1 hour)
  • beginning the day with a smooth awakening -> for example with an alarm clock, which will play your favorite music in the morning (starting with calm songs which later on are replaced by songs which make you want to dance)
  • dancing to heighten the noradrenaline levels in a joyful way
  • ending the morning routine with something to remind you of how present love, support and peace are in your life (for example an extended family breakfast)
Work (if you have a chance to choose your working place)
  • choose a working environment where there is a small familiar team which makes you feel emotionally welcome and comfortable
  • a caring job like any type of therapy or social work, where you can connect with people on a deeper level, corresponds with your nurturing soul
  • also, musical and artistic professions which have the power to soothe your emotions are perfect for you

Side note:

Although the Moon is your basic foundation, in Astrology it is the MC (Midheaven) which leads our path when it comes to our careers.

Tips for an After Work or school routine
  • meeting friends for a coffee or tea in a cozy coffee place to find a way to process your emotions by talking them over because feelings might overwhelm you otherwise (but withdraw yourself in good time so you can retreat in your safe environment at home)
  • or talking on the phone to walk through the day mentally in order to manage emotions
  • writing a diary to meet the same purpose 
  • getting massages regularly (to heighten oxytocin levels – our love hormone)
  • having a musical or artistic hobby like:
  1. painting
  2. singing
  3. playing instruments
  • having a nurturing hobby to experience something grow and blossom like:
  1. gardening
  2. dog walking
  3. babysitting
  • having a physical hobby like dancing

Before sleep routine

When you had a day full of love, support but free of loud noises, harsh energies and flashy lights you will probably sleep like a baby. If that hasn’t been the case then

  • do some Yoga
  • meditate to calm down your brain waves and make the world shut up for a moment
  • read a book or start a Netflix marathon with cozy socks, warming blankets and someone to cuddle
  • if all that doesn’t bring you to sleep, some essential lavender oil or a calming bath might help

Why physical activity is important for emotional stability?

You carry the legacy of the Settler who found paradise, stayed there and developed intimate relationships with the people surrounding him. Thus humankind started caring for each other. As a result, we became profoundly emotional beings who were in need of being cared for themselves.

Nowadays we have a more draining world where intimacy and emotional support are not necessarily natural. Therefore sports, as the most stable antidepressant, is of special importance to you. Also, because you tend to try to numb down your feelings at times when you are too overstimulated. Since we feel our emotions in our digestive systems, food is very effective in doing so. As a result, you might gain weight in times of external overstimulation, lack of retreat and emotional support. Therefore, regular physical challenges can get rid of depression AND unnecessary overweight.

There will be a significant change in your emotional state, if you accept your need to withdraw and retreat (physically, mentally and emotionally). Your deep emotionality will let you experience the most beautiful emotions. The world needs your love and caring energy. There are numerous places where your nurturing nature is appreciated!

You can get more information about the body of Cancer in this article: Body of Cancer. Moreover, you can find out why you develop this way personally in the first place in this article: Self-care Cancer.

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