Happiness Gemini


If you are a Gemini Moon you probably have some ants in the pants every now and then. Maybe you constantly feel nervous and restless. From time to time you might even leave everything behind running towards something new, exciting and thrilling. But actually you are running away from yourself.  

That’s because you generate more energy than the rest of us and you’re brain is particularly saturated with oxygen. It works on overdrive leaving you confused and all over the map at times.

If you’re stuck in life without any intellectual stimulation, you will probably lose your mind one of these days. As the nomad of the zodiac, always wandering off to new encounters and adventures you need to be challenged mentally. Stagnation and immobility – physically, mentally and emotionally are toxic to you. Even though you might have a tight schedule that doesn’t leave much room for the Gemini – MAKE some space. Let your ants in your pants make you fly!

Tips for a Morning routine (1 hour) for the Gemini Moon
  • running (30 minutes in a leisure pace) outdoors (your brain will need a lot of oxygen during your day)
  • taking a quick shower and ending it with cold water 
  • making a to-do list to get your thoughts in order for the day
  • embracing breakfast in quiet
  • listening to relaxing music while eating (in order to digest properly you need to be relaxed since the part of your nervous system responsible for digestion only works when you are at peace)

Side Note:

Low-fat diets don’t make a lot of sense for you. As a nomad, always on the hop, you need to be able to generate energy from fat deposits. Since Gemini Moons usually burn energy quickly their figures tend to be slim. So if that is the case feel free to eat as you like, but don’t forget: if you eat too much fat it will settle in your blood vessels. Also, there are different kinds of fat and not every kind is a good kind. Smoothies also don’t make a lot of sense in your case. Even though you can generate more energy by drinking your food it makes your digestive system lazy.

Work (if you have a chance to choose your working place)
  • choose a working environment where a lot of communication is in order and where there is a variety of tasks that challenge your brain (media, journalism, film production for example)
  • just find a project that doesn’t bore you and where you have to think and talk quite a bit

Side note:

Although the Moon is your basic foundation, in Astrology it is the MC (Midheaven) which leads our path when it comes to our careers.

After Work or school routine
  • meet your friends for a coffee to find a way to process your emotions by talking them over because feelings might confuse you 
  • or talk on the phone to walk through your day mentally so you can bring everything you learned during the day in an order
  • write a diary to meet the same purpose 
Before sleep routine

When you had a mentally and physically challenging and interesting day you will probably sleep like a baby. If that hasn’t been the case then:

  • do some Yoga (not because of the movements but because of the breathing – you need your oxygen to bring your thoughts in order; your brain needs to process your day since it has claimed more than the brain of any other zodiac sign)
  • another option is Meditation (again- because of the breathing, to calm down your brain waves and make the world shut up for a moment) and I know Meditation is the horror of any Gemini, but still – you should try it! 
  • distance yourself from your own mind by reading a book 
  • if all that doesn’t bring you to sleep take some essential lavender oil 

Why do you need to challenge yourself mentally and physically?

You carry the legacy of the nomad who went out into the world to find new cultures. He was running long distances which led to a big stock of mitochondria in the muscles. This way the muscles were supplied with enough energy for the long distances he had to undertake as a nomad. Because of the number of mitochondria in the muscles the nomad had enough oxygen for his brain when he wasn’t hunting. As a result, his cognitive abilities developed so that speech and scripture could emerge later on. Because the nomad learned that information could help him survive, his curiosity grew. This curiosity today is your fundamental drive.

This curiosity needs…

… a lot of oxygen on the one hand and intellectual stimulation on the other. Your brain gets more oxygen when you eat enough iron-containing proteins, since the hemoglobin in your blood, which transports the oxygen to every cell in your body, needs iron to bind oxygen. Yoga and Mediation help you ventilate your lungs to the fullest and learn to breathe in deeply. Also, a daily portion of endurance training heightens the receptivity of oxygen.

Since we live in a very loud, bright and hectic world there are a lot of attractions that may overpower your highly susceptible mind if you don’t care for a high enough oxygen content and some quiet in your life (as much as you might hate it). If you don’t use your nomad’s energy and don’t provide for your Gemini, you will feel unsettled. It can hurt your relationships because of your non-binding nature on the one hand and your nervous system on the other hand.

There will be a significant change in your emotional state if you integrate some calm into your life. Your restlessness will transform into pure joy and excitement making you eager to start every following day and dive into your adventurous life. The world needs your energy. There are numerous places where your quick mind is appreciated!

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