Compatibility – Cancer Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to finding out which Signs merge into a symbiotic fusion when in a relationship, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Aries Moon

Fusion Cancer and Aries

These two can have a destructive impact on each other since Cancer is highly sensitive and takes everything personally, whereas Aries often acts impulsively. Thus, Aries can brand the Cancer Moon soul deeply. Also, Cancer holds grudges and tends to victimize himself. In turn, Aries might not understand why everything has to be as complicated, and somewhat indistinct with Cancer. The lack of clarity derives from the difference in the reaction time span of Aries and Cancer. While Aries reacts immediately and forgets quickly, Cancer builds up the hurt and usually reacts only days later.

The cue to this relationship is the comprehension and acceptance of their differences. Both sides have to be ready to make compromises. If Aries learns to channel his aggressive energy elsewhere and to be more sensitive, his initiative energy can be highly conducive to Cancer – motivating him to exploit his full creative potential. On the other hand, if the Cancer Moon learns to be less vulnerable, has enough room to regenerate and gives Aries enough space to self-realize, Aries can profit a lot from the Cancer energy. Then Aries can learn to be more sensitive and susceptible to the needs of others. Also, the Cancer energy is able to broaden the emotional horizon of Aries.

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Taurus Moon

Fusion Cancer and Taurus

This is probably the best match for both Moon Signs since their needs go in the same direction whereas their differences complement each other perfectly. Both Signs symbolize nature, sensuality, and peace. Sensitive Cancer and consistent Taurus enjoy a comfortable life – filled with simple pleasures. Also, both strive for security which only the two can give each other. Taurus has a steady nature and is solid as a rock. Thus, he represents a bastion of calm to Cancer, who knows he can always count on Taurus. Therefore, Cancer trusts Taurus and finds peace of mind next to him. Cancer, in turn, gives Taurus security because of his maternal, caring, and loyal soul. The difference between the two is: Cancer is a dreamer, whereas Taurus is a realist. However, Taurus will never stand in the way of Cancer’s dreams. Rather, he will support Cancer all the way – despite not understanding him.

What actually makes these two perfect for each other is, that Cancer is indulgent when Taurus is stubborn, whereas Taurus is patient when Cancer is moody and indecisive. When I imagine these two, a picture-perfect family appears in front of my inner eye. They live in an idyllic cottage – surrounded by nature. A cat roams around the house and the couple cozies up in front of a chimney under a blanket – with two glasses of red wine and woolen socks. They just had a rich meal with their own harvested fruit from their garden. Their closest friends had visited earlier that evening to enjoy the food and company. Now the two of them relax, while smooth music plays in the background.

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Gemini Moon

Fusion Cancer and Gemini

These two will probably never agree on anything, BUT they can complement each other perfectly if they accept their differences. The biggest difference is Cancer’s need for a rather calm, simple and traditional life – with a lot of possibilities to withdraw from the hectic outside world, whereas Gemini incorporates the hectic outside world.

Because of these personality differences, however, they actually make a great fit. Gemini brings out the active side of Cancer – opening him up for new experiences. In turn, Cancer has a soothing effect on restless Gemini. He can give him a little peace of mind once in a while. So, if there are other aspects in the birth chart, which indicate compatibility – concerning the vitality of the two (like compatible Sun Signs for example), they can build an unshatterable bond like Goldie Hawn (Gemini Moon) and Kurt Russell (Cancer Moon). At least, as long as both understand and accept their different needs.

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Cancer Moon

Fusion Cancer and Cancer

Cancer is the Sign of maternal love – compassionate, loving, caring, soft, tender and nurturing. Now imagine, there are two of them – sharing this kind of love with each other. Since both hurt easily and don’t let go of that hurt quickly, they are considerate with each other’s feelings. Also, they take each other’s needs seriously, since they both need the same – a loving, nurturing home; affection; commitment; withdrawal and a lot of security.

Both are dreamers, who can get out of touch with reality together. On the other hand, by receiving this kind of emotional support in a relationship, their dreams can simply become a reality. But they can only support emotionally, if they are emotionally stable themselves (Kate and William). If they got hurt deeply during their lives and hold onto that hurt, they can drag each other down into further emotional darkness (Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain).

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Leo Moon

Fusion Cancer and Leo

These two signs have a lot of love to give, but their kind of love is very different. Cancer’s love is maternal, nurturing, caring and quiet, whereas Leo’s love is passionate, loud, dramatic and expressive. The less passionate side of Cancer might be mistaken for lack of love by Leo. Then he might not feel as desired at times. If that is the case, theatrical Leo demands more passion (as a sign of love), but sensitive Cancer encloses inside of his shell – feeling under pressure. As a result, Cancer feels misunderstood, since Leo makes him think that he fails in matters of love (which actually is Cancer’s area of expertise). 

When Cancer feels this profoundly misunderstood, he can get incredibly hurtful – sometimes even days after the insult. Since he is one of the two most sensitive Zodiac Signs, he knows exactly how to afflict the greatest amount of pain. As a result, Leo considers Cancer insensitive who answers by completely withholding admiration for his partner. Without the admiration, Leo requires, he starts degrading highly sensitive Cancer even more. However, when both signs are self-confident and their ego is less important than their love, this connection can be beautiful, though. They simply have to understand each other’s love language. Then one grandiose way of love is combined with another grandiose kind of love. 

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Virgo Moon

Fusion Cancer and Virgo

There is no better match for Virgo than Cancer. The nurturing, loving, caring side of Cancer gives Virgo enough emotional security to open up emotionally herself. Also, she can be able to relax next to this calm and soothing energy of Cancer, which is a huge deal for tense Virgo. Their values go into the same traditional and conventional direction as well. Thus, they can understand each other’s emotional need for security. 

Although it is a fertile combination (Cancer – Water and Virgo – Earth), they can have quite some rough patches. That’s because Virgo is critical and has high claims for tidiness, organization, and order, whereas Cancer can be quite chaotic. How chaotic Cancer is, depends on his emotional state. When he is moody, he tends to be lazy. Then it’s difficult for him to change his patterns, which builds up Virgo’s discontent. She expresses her emotions through nagging, which is very painful to highly sensitive Cancer. As a result, he tends to enclose inside of his shell to shield himself from Virgo’s pettiness. Other than that, these two are made for each other. 

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Libra Moon

Though Cancer is a Water Sign and Libra is an Air Sign (which amongst Elements is not considered the best combination), those two Signs go well together. That’s because both have a loving, silken and sweet nature. Cancer is an empathic Sign, who is thoughtful and nurturing when it comes to his partner’s needs. Libra is highly sensitive regarding the room atmosphere and only ever feels at peace when everything around him is in balance. Thus, he also feels responsible to make his partner happy. Because of his addiction to keep the balance to maintain a “pretty” atmosphere, Libra craves for constant affirmation. Cancer as a giving Sign is willing to give this affirmation.

This might also cause conflicts since Libra does not only seek affirmation from her partner but from everyone. The Cancer Moon subconsciously might mistake this light, charming and socializing nature of Libra for disloyalty. As a result, Cancer might claim repeatedly for more emotional closeness and more devotion from Libra. When it comes to conflicts Libra doesn’t stand a chance, because Cancer is emotionally egoistic. That means, that Cancer tends to victimize himself. That’s because he is so deeply emotional, that he can’t reflect he is not the only one entitled to have emotions in a dispute. Also, Cancer is highly sensitive and takes everything personally, hurts deeply, holds grudges, doesn’t forget easily or at all for that matter and can poison the room atmosphere like no other. Striving for harmony, Libra will try everything to make Cancer happy again and will probably succeed.

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Scorpio Moon

This is an intensely emotional combination since these two are the most emotional Zodiac Signs. The difference is, that Cancer’s emotional energy is comparable to a calm, soothing lake whereas Scorpio’s emotional energy is comparable to a forceful flood. Together they fuse into a symbiosis or a spiraling strudel of merged emotion. Thus, the emotional connection is deeper than with most other Zodiac Signs. Also, Cancer is fully devoted and loyal, which calms Scorpios jealousy since he feels they simply belong to each other. Moreover, Cancer can learn to pull himself together more often – next to always focused Scorpio.

However, since these two don’t know boundaries when it comes to emotions, they can spiral into a deep black hole together as well. 

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Sagittarius Moon

This is a difficult connection. Sagittarius enjoys shooting arrows insensitively and thoughtlessly – in the name of brutal honesty. To highly sensitive Cancer, however, the touch of a feather can already be too painful. If Cancer is hurt, he isolates himself emotionally while keeping the memory of the hurt. Then he hits back- when least expected, but with the greatest impact. When Sagittarius recognizes this chain of behavior, he starts feeling as though he has to walk on eggshells around Cancer while repressing his honest, explosive self. Also, Sagittarius might get frustrated with Cancers traditional lifestyle. As an adventurer, Sagittarius wants to get out into the world, whereas Cancer wants to enjoy some garden work, a good meal, some smooth music and a walk in a park.  

Still, when Sagittarius is self-confident, the desire to shoot arrows diminishes and transforms into the energy of sheer enthusiasm. When Cancer is self-confident, he doesn’t victimize himself that much. Thus, he knows how to let emotions go and communicate emotions more openly. The most important, both have to keep in mind for their own sake, is to NOT diminish each other’s confidence by pointless revenge. It will be much more profitable for both of them to build each other’s confidence instead. 

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Capricorn Moon

Cancer and Capricorn stand in opposition to each other. That means, that one incorporates all the qualities the other one lacks. Cancer is highly emotional, sensitive, empathic, maternal, nurturing and caring. Capricorn, on the other hand, never takes off his poker face, always keeps his cool and manages down his emotions to stay as efficient as possible. Because of these differences, they can learn a lot from each other. Capricorn can learn to open up emotionally once in a while – actually working through his feelings instead of only suppressing them. Cancer, on the other hand, can learn to manage emotions more efficiently – at least a little bit. Then Cancer is Capricorn’s natural detox whereas Capricorn is Cancer’s carriage to accommodate him and drive him towards his goals. 

These differences can cause profound insecurities on Cancer’s side, also – because he might feel like a loser next to Capricorn. That’s because Capricorn has a certain set of values where ambition and will power are the top qualities. As the Sign which knows best how to manage emotions, Capricorn has the highest implementation skills himself. Thus, he simply can’t comprehend how his opposite sign Cancer (who is least capable to manage emotions) only ever acts on feelings. Cancer, in turn, can’t understand Capricorn’s obsession with high social standing and a position of power. If Capricorn doesn’t think he is the-non-plus-ultra, but instead values Cancer’s emotionality, while Cancer doesn’t victimize himself at every turn, these two have great potential together.  

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Aquarius Moon

These two Signs are very different- especially in concern to what they value. Cancer has a traditional set of values – house, garden, children, marriage. That’s because a deep and safe emotional connection amongst his beloved ones is the most important to him. He just wants somebody to lean on and to cuddle with in the warmth, quiet and comfort of his cozy home. Aquarius, on the other hand, wants to get out into the world to discover new lands. The most important to Aquarius is his emotional freedom since he always strives to stay independent. Consequently, Cancer’s claim for a deeper emotional connection can profoundly overwhelm and suffocate Aquarius, whereas Aquarius detachment can leave Cancer stranded on an island.

If there aren’t other placements in the birth chart indicating otherwise, these two will feel alone and insufficient in this relationship. Cancer will get clingier everytime Aquarius tries to pull further away, which only will drive Aquarius even further. 

Fusion of Cancer Moon and Pisces Moon

This is a symbiotic fusion of two similar energies. Both are highly sensitive Signs. Thus, they have a tender, loving and caring conduct with each other anticipating each other’s every need and emotion. The emotional energy of Cancer is comparable to a calm, soothing lake, whereas the emotional energy of Pisces is comparable to one Water Molecule – that’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. In this combination of energies, Pisces dissolves into the lake of Cancer, on the one hand, but at the same time holds the Piscean energy together and transforms it into a conglomerated being in his nurturing lake. Also, Pisces can see himself in this relationship, because Cancer mirrors and respects his needs. 

Their devotion to each other is boundless. They have their own soothing universe to withdraw together. Even when they aren’t physically together, there remains a profound emotional and intuitive bond.