Happiness Aries

Energy of Aries - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

If you have an Aries Moon, you probably are like a cat on hot bricks every now and then. Maybe you constantly feel tense and angry, because everything around you seems to move in slow motion. From time to time, you might even react aggressively to your environment, because every little thing seems to bug you. That’s because you generate more energy than the rest of us and your stimulus conduction is a whole lot quicker.

If you’re stuck in a boring 9-5 day job, whereafter you go home to a Netflix-marathon, you will probably explode one of these days. That’s because your inner fire needs to burn to its full capacity. As a fighter at heart, you have to feel the strength of your body, to take risks, to be active, to face new challenges, to fight for your rights and to just sense how life runs through your veins daily.

Hence stagnation and immobility – physically, mentally and emotionally are toxic to you. Even though you might have a tight schedule that doesn’t leave much room for the Aries in your life – MAKE some space. Let your inner fighter out, bring him back to life!

How to integrate a daily portion of Aries energy in your life

Tips for a Morning routine
  1. going for a run
  2. taking a quick shower and ending it with cold water
  3. embracing breakfast in quiet
  4. listening to relaxing music while eating (in order to digest properly you need to be relaxed since the part of your nervous system responsible for digestion only works when you are at peace)

Side note:

Low carb diets don’t make a lot of sense for you. As a Hunter, you need your energy since in order of living your Aries to the fullest you need to burn it and you burn it quickly. Smoothies also don’t make a lot of sense in your case. Even though you can generate more energy by drinking your food it makes your digestive system lazy.

Work (if you have a chance to choose your working place)
  • choose a working environment where a fighting spirit is in order
  • work in human rights if you’re ethical
  • start your own business if you’re economical
  • just find a project where you feel free in making your own decisions

Side note:

Although the Moon is your basic foundation, in Astrology it is the MC (Midheaven) which leads our path when it comes to our careers.

After Work or school routine

Have a physically challenging hobby

  • tennis 
  • climbing 
  • skiing
  • surfing 
  • horse riding
  • swimming

Why do you need to fight and challenge yourself physically?

You carry the legacy of the Hunter. As a Hunter, the part of your nervous system that generates „fight or flight reactions“ turns on quickly. That’s because it reacts to loud sounds, red/orange colors, and all danger signals in general. Since we live in a loud and bright world there are numerous signals that trigger your sympathetic nervous system. As a result, it works on overdrive.

It causes your blood vessels to get tighter and your blood pressure to get higher. That’s because your energy gets provided to be used since your body thinks you are in danger. This energy is heating up your insides making your “blood boil”. If you oppress your fighting energy it might happen that you start to project it onto your beloved ones. Thus it can cause destructive relationships on the one hand and health issues on the other later on in life.

There will be a significant change…

… in your emotional state if you integrate the anger/enthusiasm of Aries in your everyday life without projecting it onto your relationship! Consequently, your energy will sublime into pure joy and excitement for your life. You will be eager to start every following day and dive into your adventurous life. So be fiery, be angry, be loud and harsh and pure and tough. The world needs your energy. Because there are thousands of places where your power and fighting spirit is appreciated!

BUT don’t neglect the other part of your nervous system: the parasympathetic nervous system. This part is important since it regulates your digestive system and only activates when you feel relaxed.

It starts working as soon as you relax, the moment you realize the hunt is over. Since we live in this loud and hectic world, it is especially important for you to sharply isolate yourself from loud noises and flashy lights at least two times a day. At least while one of your meals including the following half hour and before you go to sleep. If you want to find out more about the body of Aries and how to balance the energy of Aries, you can find the information in this article: Body of Aries.

Before sleep routine:
  • Post-isometric relaxation
  • No distractions whatsoever (because your body has to know when it is safe to rest and when is the time no wild animal can attack it)

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